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1st Day of PT, the Day After

Thursday, March 19, 2020

emoticon What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Ow!! My calves are killing me! I did calf raises too fast and I think I aggravated them. I'm going to let my PT know and I'll do some extra stretching on them today. I go back to PT tomorrow. Over half of the PT patients have canceled. But I saw how diligent they were being about having a staff person come behind and sanitize everything after someone had used it. So I'm not too worried about in there.There was one woman who put her purse on one side of her and her coat on the other so no one could sit next to her, she was also wearing a mask and gloves... did I mention there are only 5 seats in the waiting area? Talk about rude...

But most of the PT was great, my guy is awesome, he made sure I kept my knee in line, even when it felt funny to do so. Then we did dry needling and he added some electricity this time, which was pretty cool. Nothing hurt, just made my muscles jump a bit, and my knee is thankful for it. I think Friday is the last day we can do dry needling because I'll be doing shots once a week with my ortho doctor after this week and they don't want the dry needling to interfere so they know that it is the shot, not the dry needling that is working.

I have to start really watching my carbs. I ate a whole homemade tortilla (I make them from scratch) with my posole chili (I call it that because technically it is not posole, DH can't stand hominy, so I put in white beans instead, same flavor profile though) and had a small cookie afterwards and my blood sugar shot up to over 200. I was so tired I set an alarm for 30 minutes to check it again and let DH know and to come check on me if I did not update him in that time frame. It came down, but was still like in the 140's. Not terrible, but more than I've been used to. It shot up after dinner too, but I don't know why.

I'm going to use today to clean up my craft room and do some reorganizing, I think. I'm also going to do as much work on my projects as my patience and my anxiety will allow. I've already cut the hems off the bottom of some jeans, Now I need to measure to make sure they are the same length, and then I'll start ironing and hemming.

Must remember to work out today and do my PT. I may need to take a nap I got up so early!! Wow! I need better sleep!

Hope you all have a great day!

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