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Socal distancing is the PITS my friends!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Hello, my dear sparklers!

How are all of you doing during these unknown times? I am doing the best I can to keep my spirits up and keeping myself healthy and busy. I am so very thankful that I have a beautiful home and a big back yard to enjoy...even if it's all on my own without my sweet hubby and son. emoticon

I keep thinking about all of the many many New Yorkers who are literally on house lockdown in 300 sq ft studio apartments. Now that would be insanely tough! I'm a little claustrophobic so I can't even imagine. Especially tiny little apartments 10 stories up in the sky...I need for my feet to touch good ole' Mother Earth every single day..probably 2 or 3 times a day..especially when I'm anxious and restless. I can always go outside and putter around with my plants or repot my orchids!

I closed the consignment gallery last Friday 3/13/20. The handwriting was on the wall that it was ridiculous to leave it open. Foot traffic had dropped from 30-50 people per day to about 5. It just wasn't worth the risk of staying open for the random lookie-loo who was bored and looking for some browsing to get them out and about. It was for their own health safety as well as mine.

I have to remember now...it's only me...no family, and plenty of friends but no one that is going to nurse me back to health if I get sick. Sobering thought...that one. But it's a truth I've come to accept.

I did venture out last Saturday night before I totally got the be~jabbers scared out of me on the news about being in crowds.

The old group that the hubs and I had pal~ed around with for the past 30 some years....had a dine-in and I was invited and attended.

It was a nice evening even if I did have to hear all about the new kitchen my friend had just recently installed. It's very nice...but her last kitchen was just as nice so I see this as superfluous spending. Hey, it's their money so if they want to spend it on a new kitchen so be it.

This group spends money just to entertain themselves and the outdoing the Joneses' is VERY much alive in the group. When one gal in the group has a big renovation project you can BET the others are all going to schedule their own and then try to outdo the last one.

When you recognize the pattern it's really pretty entertaining and also pretty funny. emoticon

They have canceled our grief meetings and that is really hard for me. I love my grief group friends and being distanced from caring friends when you are in a grieving process is like a double whammy of sadness.

It's funny, the human condition. We all really rely on each other to validate ourselves and to share our day to day lives with. When you lose a significant other...it's just harder...I'm not going to lie...it's MUCH harder. emoticon

I have so much time now to think and reflect. I'm not saying that is a bad thing but I keep thinking how much Don and I would have cherished this time together. We always complained that with him working on his construction projects and backing me up at the consignment gallery when I had to go out and do whole house estimates to bring in more furniture consignments. Even though we worked together for 30 some years we were never side by side together. I wish I had him with me now...boy oh boy I miss that sweet man SO much!

Here we are at Disney World a few years back. We both loved Disney World and went there quite a bit. It wasn't as much fun to go after we lost our son in 2006 but we did go a few times just to honor him. Especially when the Harry Potter world opened. Josh LOVED Harry Potter so we went to have some butter beer to honor him.

I have been staying busy. LOTS of cooking...heck I could open a restaurant at this point.

My wonderful Mississippi Mud Roast in the Crock Pot. Soooo easy and so yummy!

A nice sized pot roast, an envelope of Ranch dressing, an envelope of Au Jus gravy mix. Sprinkle over the roast. Add enough pepperchoni peppers to cover the top of the roast and then a stick of KerryGold butter. Let it cook for about 4 -5 hours on low. Check it every so often so that it doesn't overcook and get tough. SO delicious...I use the extra broth in my soups. Trust me you will LOVE this meal.

Then I made a Keto style breakfast casserole and cut it into portion sizes and froze the leftovers.

A wonderful Taco Chicken Soup in the slow cooker that I completely ruined with too many chipotle peppers...but I'll cool it off with diced tomatoes and bone broth and I even might put a little of the wonderful leftover broth from the roast.

A delicious Turkey Chili in the slow cooker. Stuffed peppers are on the menu for tonight. I have TONS of leftovers that I will freeze so I'm stocked up for the great depression haha.

I'm trying to get my exercise in by using my treadmill and doing exercises on YouTube. All of this with me, myself, and I. Kind of boring...but I talk to my Mackelmore cat a LOT during the day...he thinks I'm nuts...especially when I'm singing while exercising. emoticon

I've been working on my chalk paint projects so I'll be sharing pictures as I move along. I also am finishing a shell mirror that has been in progress for at LEAST a year. I have jewelry projects to finish so plenty to do. I just have a hard time with the loneliness factor. If Don were here I'd be loving every minute of the slowdown.

Today I got the idea to start sewing some Corona masks. There is a wonderful website that shows exactly how you can make them and they are CDC approved.

The problem is I don't have the elastic and you can't FIND it. Amazon is sold out until MAY!!?

I'll keep trying because I believe it is a wonderful cause. You can hand them out to hospitals, firefighters, first responders, and even homeless shelters. It's something to keep you busy and it is for a wonderful and selfless cause. There seems to be a huge shortage so if you like being involved..get busy my friends. emoticon emoticon emoticon

Our Michaels store offers online shopping and store pick up in your vehicle but when I placed my order it kept flipping me into the mail option for delivery...so frustrating!

Here/s the link, I hope it works for you!


Hunker down, enjoy this quiet time, and realize that we are in the middle of a whole new world as we know it. The lessons we learn from this slow down is to live in the moment and love your family like never before! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are sure keeping yourself busy and well fed. I’ll have to try your slow cooker roast. It sounds delicious! And don’t worry about Mackelmore cat, he won’t laugh at you at all. Although a dog may join with you in singing! emoticon emoticon
    389 days ago
    the people that try to do each other in your group is hilarious to me. I never saw a hearse pulling a U Haul behind it .They remind me of the money changers in the temple when Christ confronted them. Sometimes God allows thing to happen in peoples lives to being them closer to Him, but then some peopls hearts he says in Deutoronmy are so cold he lets them unto them selves.I am so happy I am not the person I use to be.There is nothing like freedom !!

    414 days ago
    With regards to the masks, I heard from a doctor's wife that ties work better than elastic. Ties allows them to adjust the fitting.
    415 days ago
    Your meals are mouthwatering! Mickey sends greetings to Mac; he’s sprawled across my lap. I was lucky to have bought elastic, but NANCYPAULINE who doesn’t have any thought of making them with ties like they did during the 1918 flu. Thanks be for social media.
    415 days ago
    Bobbi, I agree with you that this is a whole new world we're living in. It feels so different now than it felt just a month ago. But I think we'll learn from this how to make some improvements to our society and way of doing things. What a great idea you have--to make masks at home to help out with the shortage. I hope you manage to find the elastic you need.

    At times like this, your recent loss must be hitting you hard. It would have been so much easier (maybe even fun) for you if Don were here during this social distancing thing, and you two could sit in your Lazy-boys and watch videos all day. I am so sorry you are missing him so, and also sorry that the grief group has been canceled at a time when you need it most. But so glad you have your Mackey-boy, your paint and cooking projects, and the Internet to stay connected.

    So far, we're pretty lucky in Japan--we're not on any kind of lockdown, but the schools continue to be closed, and a lot of workers are advised to work from home. I hope we don't enter some new unexpected phase.

    Please take care, and keep us posted!
    416 days ago
    that pot roast sounds delish will have to try it
    417 days ago
    emoticon I hope things get back to normal soon.....i been going for walks a lot for fresh air....doing social distancing...hugs!!

    Wendy emoticon
    417 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I do not know how I missed this all these years, Bobbi, but when you speak about that old group spending so much $$, step back and look at it as giving a hard-working company, their employees ,etc, getting that $$. They need it, to feed their families, etc. Who cares if those people toss it like water? Does that help? They are not going to change in this lifetime, but others can live on their money somehow.

    I remember that shell mirror..

    Could a boatload of rubber bands be sewn into fabric? Any old port in a storm, right?

    You can always call us any time. Two phone numbers, no waiting! emoticon
    417 days ago
    As you said, be thankful not to be living in a small apartment and
    confined 24/7.The consignment gallery can be put on hold for now
    as so many small businesses are closing until this is over. I truly hope
    that we all learn to do with a little less and appreciate others a little
    more. Social distancing is like stepping back 40 years when you went
    to town once a month and spent the rest of your time at home on the
    farm except for school and church. Now church services are on You Tube
    and school is e-learning. Take care and stay safe. emoticon
    417 days ago
    maybe some of us should face time .. I know a group of my friends get together over the internet to have a glass of wine and giggle before supper everyday .. it is there sanity time .
    what ever it takes to get us through the days ahead is what we must do ..
    I'm glad you have closed the gallery .. not worth the risk .. not for a second.
    Yes these are very troubling times .. we are hunkered down as well .. we can still go to work to check emails etc .. I'm thankful this is our usual slow time of the year ..( spring break up causing road restrictions )
    yes the kitchen is my salvation .. I have a paint project to do today .. then will move into the dining room .. I did some switching about at work .. it makes for a fresh "hello" .. lifts my spirits as well as occupies my time.
    I've gained an addiction to on line cards .. good grief .. Canasta is my new friend .. by the time this is over there will be an imprint of my butt cheeks in my office chair ..
    I do love to play cards .. but usually with real people ..this is as close as it gets I suppose .. ha ha

    I'm not much of a TV hound so I've been scrounging through closets and cupboards tidying and setting aside a donation pile .. I will take a drive to the cottage if for no other reason than to read the power meter .. that will occupy 4 hours of my time this afternoon .. I will call ahead with my grocery and meat list to my favourite corner store in the little town close to the cottage to pick up a few things.. this isolation could go on another 3 or 4 weeks since there are Canadians just returning from the US and abroad this weekend .. I pray for the love of God that they self isolate and not spread the virus any more than it already has .. people really aren't taking it as serious as I would expect them to do ...
    pray pray pray
    I spend some time with my nose in a book especially the bible ..
    filling my mind with His promises and word .. prayers for the world ... prayers that our loved ones in heaven will assist with the cleansing of the virus ..

    Happy Spring the thoughts of warm weather .. gardening and flowers fill my head .. I will be digging through the garden shed today to look for a few seeds to plant .. ( I have made a special order but they havent arrived yet) getting my grow lights shined up and moved over to the garage where there is heat .. -20 here this morning .. so spring is being very elusive .. :)

    well my friend ... time for another coffee ..please post pictures of your finished projects .. i'm making my list this morning and following a plan .... without a plan I'll be playing canasta all darn day ..

    always here for a visit ..
    Remember all is Well ..

    my heart is super sad .. Muriel will be 85 this coming Saturday .. I had so wanted to have a special birthday party for her .. that will have to be postponed for a month or more .. but I will definitely have a party for her ..
    hugs to you and Mac .. thank the heavens you have your little buddy ..
    Don and Josh are with you hon .. watch for their mischief and magic .. as they send you signs ..
    love the word "signs " ...
    xoxoxox .. Donna
    417 days ago
    You seem to be doing well with staying busy and what a lot of good things you are cooking and preparing for this "shut-down" time. It is also nice that we can contact friends via Facebook and text messaging. When I saw your blog I realized you were a Teddy Bear friend and we are all connected here on Spark People. Continue to be in your outside area and doing lots to stay busy! You inspire us! emoticon
    417 days ago
    Thank you for sharing. I'm so sorry that you had to close but maybe it was a blessing and something better is just around the corner.

    Hopefully, you area able to stay connected via social media. You are more than welcome to Facebook me. Send me a private message and Ill add you.

    Love,HUGS and prayers (from afar)
    417 days ago
    Thank you for sharing. I'm so sorry that you had to close but maybe it was a blessing and something better is just around the corner.

    Hopefully, you area able to stay connected via social media. You are more than welcome to Facebook me. Send me a private message and Ill add you.

    Love,HUGS and prayers (from afar)
    417 days ago
  • LINDA!
    It is such a tough time. I know you miss your sweet husband so much. Stay safe - I am very happy that you have your sweet kitty. He is nice company for you.
    417 days ago
    Very nice blog, lovely cat, yummy food. Thanks for the website, good idea! Take care.
    417 days ago
    I am glad to see you are ok, well relatively speaking. The world has turned upside down that’s for sure. Stay well my friend, I think of you often and send you love and light in the darkness. emoticon
    417 days ago
    417 days ago
    How did you wind up with your book selling on Amazon? More trouble than it was worth? CA is on lockdown as well, but we can go outside and to get groceries and stuff. Big hug.
    417 days ago
    Bobbi, I'm so happy that you have your lovely home and garden. It's so good to be able to get outside. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't do that every so often! It's cold here but at least we have sunshine.
    417 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Bobbi you sure are keeping busy with all your projects

    Have you thought about using Skype or FaceTime to keep in touch with your grief group. No reason why thst wouldn't work.

    I am enjoying going out for walks. It’s perfect walking temps here.

    Stay safe my friend and I think you were wise to close the gallery.
    417 days ago
    your meals sound so delicious , I worked out live with tony horton wednesday night other trainers are doing free live workouts, its kinda like having someone there, I am so sorry this is ultra hard on you hugs
    417 days ago
  • LINDA7677
    Beautiful blog
    417 days ago
    417 days ago
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