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PT On Hold, Sewing, A Little Of Everything....

Saturday, March 28, 2020

So the injections that the doctor at insurance insisted I get before giving me the lubricant (since, you know I have arthritis in my knee and that is the only thing that will actually help) was a steroid injection... which lowers your immune system. I did not know this until 5 days later because my knee had a bad reaction to it. Great! Just what you want during a pandemic, a lowered immune system! I'm trying to not worry over it and just keep washing my hands as often as I can. But my knee actually gave out on me. I woke to it hurting and feeling like a rusty hinge the day after the injection and PT hurting like crazy. I am still going to do my at home PT workout to build up those muscles, but I'm glad I won't be having to go for a while, because they kept pushing me even when I was in pain from the injection. I'm not usually one to let pain win, so I just went with it. So I'm waiting for the lubricant injection to be okayed, if they will, and see where to go from there, probably back to PT, which will be good, because my knee will be feeling better after the new shots.

I had a great time sewing with my instructor yesterday. We are finishing up (finally) my apron. I've been dragging my feet and so busy with the kids and house it has been hard to find time and motivation to do it! Now I have time and motivation! I am almost done and will be starting on my BFF's birthday gift (I'll post pictures!!) and I'll be sewing fan face masks like crazy! I'm sewing some for my BFF's sister and niece, and some for the local garbage men who are literally putting their lives on the line to pick up your garbage. I had to order the stuff online, but I'm hoping it will be here by next Friday, and then I'll sew one and try it on, see how breathable it is, and decide if, for the garbage men/women, I want to make a more lightweight one for them (with only two layers instead of three). For the people who will be inside in AC, three is good, a nice extra protective layer and breathing won't be a problem, but once Summer hits, and it is going to be a scorcher, the people out collecting garbage may need to have less cloth to breath through. So I'll make half and half. Some for those in the truck with the AC, and some for those out of the truck in the heat.

This is my new (to me) car!! You can't really see the beautiful cobalt blue that she is in the shade, but it's awesome! Fuel economic, just zippy enough to get me out of a situation if I need to, has the backup and side camera - despite which I was not used to how well she turns so I nearly ran over the mailbox!! I didn't though! Just came close, and he insisted that I did and came over to actually check, didn't take my word for it!! I learned. He was telling me not to count on the back up camera, to keep my head on a swivel, I think I'll use the backup camera too, because if I had I'd have noticed how off trajectory I was!! Drives like a dream! Was something DH said he was going to get me anyway, but he's claiming it as my anniversary gift since we went shopping for it on that day. Doesn't matter. My gift is that we are still together after all these years!!

I'm going to have to come off of sugar. I'm going to give Stevia a try. I'm going to pick some up today I think, when I venture out to see if there is toilet paper. I need coffee filters as well. People had better not be hoarding those!! I need them! Well, we need TP too, but coffee is a whole other matter!! But, my blood glucose levels have been a little out of control, I think because I have not been working out daily or making my daily step count like I was, and eating more carbs than I was, and so I need to do several things to counter that. One is come off of sugar. It's not gonna be pretty. I've gotten used to my sweet coffee again. I'm down to a tsp of sugar per cup, so way down from where I was, but that is still too much. And it makes me lethargic. You don't want to know how much sugar DH puts in his. I'd pass out from that much sugar. I got a sample of a double shot of espresso coffee protein shake mix, that if you mix with almond milk and blend with a lot of ice till it is like a frap, it is wonderful. I don't like it any other way though. But that is my breakfast protein shake. Then one of my other two meals is a veg and a Premier protein shake. I have a cherry shake that you mix with water that is pretty good, but I just don't feel like it of late, it will be nice to have once Summer hits though, it's much like a Kool Aid. Put in the blender with some ice it will be like a snowcone. Or slushie.

I've discovered that if I have much carb that isn't a veg, I get super sleepy, and lose my energy, a sign that my blood sugar level is going up and I need to eat a protein and get to walking/working out to lower it, which I usually don't have the energy to do. Gotta get more strict about my diet/meal plan if I'm going to lose this weight back!

Here is what the apron is looking like right now. The lace binding is on the front and I'm ironing it to the back and then sewing it back. I accidentally left the instructions at my instructor's house, so I'll go get those some time today. Here is a closer look at one raw edge and one that has the lace on it:

I'll post more as I get closer to having it finished. I still have the ties to do as well.

So this bean bag (oversized) is considered the dog's bean bag, and I never thought my husband would actually agree to this, but he actually asked me if my dog could start sleeping in the room with us. emoticon Now i have to clean out the area that her bean bag will go into, but I'm all for it! She is doing so well with her reactions to my anxiety and depression, and if we had the bean bag in the room I'm pretty sure she would be willing to sleep on it instead of crowding us out of the bed. Pretty sure. I'm super excited to find out.

emoticon Now to decide, do I go see if I can find toilet paper and the things I need at the grocery store, or do I go curl up back in bed?

Probably go to the store, my sleep doctor stressed that no matter what, no naps. I'm just tired from my coffee, if that makes sense!! LOL, too much sugar, even though there was barely any compared to how much I used to have.

So, off to get ready to leave and then maybe I'll make my homemade frap to keep me awake and going while I'm gone! No sugar in that!! Though I might wake up the house using the blender.... probably better not.

Hope you all have a great day and find toilet paper if you are in need of it!


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  • LIS193
    Love your new car! That color is great.
    65 days ago
    :-) Pretty car-congratulations! :-) I love stevia; I buy the cup-for-cup stuff that has the fewest ingredients. I find that it takes less stevia than sugar, but I think you'll like it. I hope you will! :-) Meanwhile, stay safe and well, and your family, too. emoticon emoticon
    65 days ago
    Nice ride!! Hoping that the injections work!
    66 days ago
    PS - Almost forgot - nice car!
    66 days ago
    How ridiculous that a medical person would give you anything to lower your immune system now! WOW!!! Myself I have had the steroids and the lubricant shots in my knees (Euflexxa) and neither really helped. But good luck, I hope they help you! I ordered toilet paper from Costco. Came in 2 days! I bet they have coffee filters too. If you are stuck, line the basket with paper towel, that will work too! Best wishes - Heather
    66 days ago
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