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Goals & Gratitude 3/28/20

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Not much to update with, really. My work is keeping me very busy. I am hard at work getting paperwork ready for tax clients who are having phone meetings with the boss. I also start two new assignments on Monday. I had a long training meeting over the phone & computer on Friday about it. I will be responding to client emails that are assigned to me, and I will be calling clients who are assigned to me to follow up if they haven't sent in their signature pages and payment forms for their taxes to proceed. And I am still doing the 2019 bookkeeping for one small corporation, though I know it is a matter of time before I am assigned more corporations. I am almost done with the bookkeeping for right now. I should be done by Wednesday, if I have time to do it this week. I will probably put in a little bit of overtime next week to get caught up.

I haven't been doing much else. I left the house once this last week, to go pick up the cat's medication at the vet on Wed. Otherwise, I haven't left the house. I ordered a Petco delivery today of food for the cats, so we will be good for a good two months once I get that. I also have enough litter for a month. Petco is also advertising that you can order online and they will deliver to your car when you get here, so I will do that when I need more litter in April. I hate to make the mailman try to deliver those heavy litter boxes to me! I did my Ralphs grocery order for the week through Instacart. I was worried I wouldn't get the things I need, but I got everything except one thing. I got flour instead of corn tortillas. So now I have two 20-packs of flour tortillas that I will never eat. I am looking for someone in the parish to donate them to.

My church is making use of technology as best as we can. We have virtual liturgy tomorrow morning, followed by Sunday school for the college kids and the high school kids on Zoom. I hope that we are eventually doing Sunday school for all the kids on Zoom so that I can meet my class again. We have a Moms group on Monday nights, and homeschooling groups on Fridays. Book club will be on a Tuesday evening in April via Zoom and I am looking forward to it. I've been reading the book all week. So we are getting by the best we can, but it's sad to think that we might not have Easter together. But we will cross that bridge when we get to it!

Today I'm Grateful For...
1) That I slept so well last night. I have noticed that by the time the end of the work week comes, I am really exhausted.
2) That I can order virtually everything I need online.
3) That I'm healthy.
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