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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Yes I've always loved e e cummings' celebration of this time of the year, when it's "Just spring" and there are lots of mud-luscious puddles:

in Just-
spring when the world is mud-
luscious the little
lame balloonman
whistles far and wee
and eddieandbill come
running from marbles and
piracies and it's
when the world is puddle-wonderful
the queer
old balloonman whistles
far and wee
and bettyandisbel come dancing
from hop-scotch and jump-rope and
balloonMan whistles

I certainly remember as a little girl the whole thrill of making mud pies and getting utterly filthy. I loved to sneak a little of my mother's furniture polish -- lemon oil -- and add a few judicious drops, much like I'd see her adding vanilla to the batter!!

Bringing out my own bag of marbles. My coloured hopscotch chalks. And my skipping rope too.

We had a pogo stick. And stilts. And roller skates: the kind that fastened to your shoes with a key worn around your neck on a string. And bicycles!!

No tin-whistled balloon man in my era: but as the weather warmed, most definitely an ice cream truck with seductive calliope music, generally timed to arrive just after an early supper. And yes: we were often indulged with ice cream cones.

Our kids also played in puddles, splashing and dancing around in their boots and rain coats.

Now it's Henry's first mud-luscious spring!!

He's a golden retriever and goldens are never happier than when they're wet and dirty. With all that plumy fur, they're absolutely designed to bring max mud indoors. Each and every time he asks to go out (ringing the bell). Come in (jumping on the glass door: then remembering to sit obediently.) And to go out (more energetic ringing of the bell!!) And to come in (small insistent yips . . . graduating to big bark bark bark bark BARKS!!)

Presenting his front paws to be wiped. Twirling and presenting his back paws: with maybe a few small gnawy bities mid twirl, nothing too serious. Very often jumping up on his hind legs, just in case he hasn't generously shared his mud enough. Kisses!!!

Yesterday DH, who does NOT share my views on how a kitchen floor should be cleaned (on hands and knees) went back to the grocery store (yes, social distancing . . . ) and bought a mop. A bucket. A jug of floor cleaner.

(Our cleaner has always brought her own equipment with her . . . ).

I cannot say how many times I have bought a mop during our 40+ years together. Now of course I'm waiting to see DH put HIS theory of floor cleaning into action!!!

And also reflecting to myself: it's quite likely ee cummings did not have a golden retriever. But if he did, perhaps he had someone else to clean the kitchen floor?

Hard to imagine ee on his hands and knees scrubbing, isn't it?? And if he did: perhaps he would have been a bit less rhapsodic on the mud-luscious??

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    LOL... Spring with 'little people". What fun!

    Do you remember footsies? Those circlets that go over your foot, with a bell/ball on the end of a cord attached, and you kicked your leg out to make it swing and hopped over the corded bell with the opposite foot? This was my favourite Spring toy.... learned to do it at a dead run through puddles... spent hours outside getting wet and muddy. Such wonderful times to remember!
    64 days ago
    Here's to the harbinger of Spring!
    64 days ago
    Nice plan, thanks for sharing 👍
    64 days ago
    Ahh yes. I was never a mud puddle girl - but water puddles - oh yes. Much more fish than amphibian, that's me. And April - oh oh April - when the mornings were cool enough you were glad for long sleeves but as you walked down the hill from the school bus stop you took off your shoes and came in bare feet. If you were lucky there had been a shower right after lunch and the low spaces in the paved surface, where the tar and puddled, held rain, warm from the sunshine and you could plop your feet in the puddles and splash out the water. Ahhh And you knew. You knew that soon the teachers would get soft and easy too - and give less homework and then there would be field days and play days and school would just lighten up altogether. And then it was summer.

    Such memories.

    Thank you. I feel like I've just finished my meditation. ahhhhhh
    64 days ago
    Don't have pets but we have yard areas that are excessively prone to mud collection - not fun at all when it rains!

    64 days ago
    My hubby doesn’t do mopping, but he did carry the mop bucket for me when our little dog peed on the floor yesterday. The rest of the time, it’s down to ME!
    64 days ago
    It is amazing to me how mud sounds delish in a place where at the moment mud does not exist. In New Zealand where I was born there was mud and hail storms and gum boots and raincoats it was fun.

    Here people don't even own a raincoat. :)


    Henry is so sweet however glad I'm not cleaning him up :)
    65 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Delightful blog! Thank you!
    65 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Oh my word did your words jolt my memory! Skipping rope, hopscotch and everything. Even the mud from our loving Henry!!!! I had three (THREE) loving and huge collies especially the male....and we had all 3 at one time. Talk about mud!!!!d And our male was a blue merle that was just like steel wool to brush....but SO lovinG!!! I was always so clumsy that I could never do pogo sticks nor stilts....I was always uncoordinated, and yes, still am! But your blogs always give me the joy of feeling that I was there with you!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    65 days ago
    I have a fondness for mud and puddles too. Always loved my mother for her willingness to let us dig holes in the dirt and fill them with water to create mud after spring had given way to summer. Yes. We loved mud that much!

    We knew our muddy clothes had to be dropped at the laundry in the garage and we needed to clean up at the big wash basin beside the washer and dryer before entering the house to get into clean clothes.

    Ironically, you've written this blog 6 years to the day that BAPEARMAN snapped the photo of me beaming in my green rain slickers. We'd just completed a 10 mile hike and brought it to a close stomping through mud puddles. It poured before we could get ourselves back to the car.

    And, in case you're wondering: Yes. I started it! And, was delighted when BAPEARMAN joined me!! Gosh that was so much fun!!
    65 days ago
    Oh my brothers and I just LOVED puddle jumping, muddy or not. When I think about it, Mom was so patient w/us.

    Wow! You have Henry so well trained (or . . . he has YOU well trained!) Hope he enjoys his first mud-lucious spring!

    Miss Lilly hasn't encountered a mud puddle yet, but it will happen!

    Happy muddy spring.
    65 days ago
    Ah, dirty doggie paws. Oscar was obedient in our cleaning them!

    There's nothing like true mud pies decorated by little hands and clover flowers!
    65 days ago
    Ahhh … I always got on my hands and knees to scrub our floors.

    Then bionic knees prevent the hands and knees part. But today's mops are not any where as good as they were back in the day either.
    65 days ago
    Love how disciplined Henry is waiting for his paws to be cleaned, too cute! Daisy starts doing a little dance and prance when you are toweling her off. All that beautiful fur muddy, what a clean up!
    No pogo, skates or stilts here, just bikes, hopscotch and marbles.
    Not much mud yet, mostly ice and snow and dust, with the wind it dries faster.
    Hi of 10 C (50 F) today!
    65 days ago
    Some of your memories are very like my own, with the pogo stick, stilts and skates! I don't remember having mud as an option, but I do remember creating messes in the kitchen by combining food and non-food things. Oh that Henry! What a silly pup!
    65 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    65 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon
    65 days ago
    65 days ago
    After the mud comes the green grass so I take it all in stride. emoticon
    65 days ago
    I enjoyed the poem! Like you I fail to see e.e. on his knees cleaning the floor. I can picture your DH with a mop in hand though. I also learned to clean the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. We had linoleum and when my mother got tired of the color she went to the store and bought what color she liked. She had green and white and a rag that she used to make different patterns. I came home one weekend for a visit and thought to myself, wow she is a powerhouse! Of course I never told her that. Oh well! Give Henry a pat for me!
    65 days ago
    Envious of how well trained Henry is to stand for being cleaned up!
    65 days ago
    Enjoy your day.
    65 days ago
    LOVE this poem - puddle-wonderful!!!

    I'm glad Henry is having so much fun with your mud-luscious springtime! (And what a smart dog to present those paws and ring his own bell to go out!)

    I've always been a hands-and-knees floor scrubber as well, but spot-mop between full floor scrubs for quick clean up.
    65 days ago
    Enjoy! Spring is at your place. emoticon
    65 days ago
    ee cummings most likely delegated floor cleaning... perhaps to some of our favorite characters from his poetry.

    Love the word-images of just-Spring you shared from him!

    And what can I say about beloved Henry and the mud. If you saw my most recent blog with the photo of Carl trying to figure out how to bring a too-long stick up the deck stairs? You may have observed the muddy stair-steps (due to the muddy back yard)! So, yes... word-images, and I used to love getting totally dirty... followed by totally clean (which of course my adults insisted on) when I cam back inside.

    Outdoors is a joy, and I'm so glad that even with "social distancing" this has not been denied us!
    65 days ago
    I've always enjoyed ee cummings, and used to dispense of all caps when typing. But now auto-correct won't let me. Have a fun day.
    65 days ago
    65 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Never did like mud season much. Stickiness, stuck in the mud. That suction sound... losing a shoe. My exploration days taught me to avoid mud.
    65 days ago
    Thanks for the shared memories of childhood. 👍
    65 days ago
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