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Turning 40/Sewing Masks/Reading "Deprivation" Week/Crafter-noon

Monday, March 30, 2020

So, I'm turning the big 4-0 this month (end of the month) and I know a lot of my old classmates had been making big deals about this until I made a post on FB... haven't seen a single complaint since, maybe I got unfriended by a bunch of them, and all's the better if complaining is all I was going to see! emoticon I want to make my forties great, not dreary. Ah, but the post, it was a pic of a quote by Tom Petty, "If you aren't getting older, you're dead." And I added my own two cents in as well. That I agreed. That I earned my stretch marks and if I had any greying hair, well, I earned that too. You see life is journey worth being on and I for one have been through a lot, and I'm glad to have made it through it, and be where I'm at now. I'm happy now. I can honestly say, even with what is going on, there is no place I would rather be than with the people I'm with and the family I have chosen (those I choose to stay in contact with and my wonderful in-laws). I love my life, my family, my life... I could not have said that 20 years ago, probably not even 10 years ago. I've grown, I've healed, and I'm proud of that. I'm still working on it, and I have a lot to do. But I'm still trying my best to show up and do it.

This is something I have to keep telling myself over and over with sewing! I want to be so (sew!) good at it, but I am a beginner, and I need to let myself be a beginner. I'll get better, and better every time I turn on the machine to practice (which I need to do today...) but I can't expect myself to be expert level when I'm just starting out. I love sewing though, I don't get frustrated so much as I just expect it to be easier than it is sometimes. I end up procrastinating because I don't want to mess it up. But if I do that, then I won't get it done! I'm working on it, and my instructor is a great motivator!!

Plus, now I have material coming in for the masks I'm going to be making and I've promised myself I would finish the apron this week so I could start on the masks this weekend and get as many done as possible. I'm donating some to the garbage men and women. Think about it. They handle all that garbage, not knowing whose has COVID-19 and whose doesn't. I'm making some for a friend's sister and niece who are nurses in MS and some for my neighbor's granddaughter who is a nurse in Cincinnati. The later was given a mask at the beginning of her shift and told to wear it till it fell off. Unreal! The cloth masks can't beat the M-95's or anything like that, but they are a barrier at least, and can keep you safer than you would be without anything. I've heard of some places asking for them, but nothing local. If I had the money I'd go inquiring and then make a bunch. The only reason I'm making them for the ones I am is because God put it on my heart to ask, and the response was yes. I wanted to cry at the response from the guy at the local garbage disposal. He said that his sister worked at the hospital and had been given a kids mask because it was all they had and she got coughed on, all over her face where a mask should have been and is now on quarantine. He thanked me and told me I had restored some of what he had lost hope of in humanity. So those I'll put in a box with a bow and a thank you card along with care instructions for the masks on the bin, hopefully next Monday when they pick up. And if I have more material and they have more need, I'll leave my number and have them call me.

So this week in the book I'm reading for artists/creatives is "reading deprivation week." I don't like the sound of that at all. And upon reading about it, a number of other people have not liked it either. But it seems to work. The idea is that we have so much coming in that sometimes it jams up the works and keeps our own words or creativity from flowing out. So I won't be responding to anything this week except to look and see what emails are from the school for the kids, and I won't be doing much of any reading at all. Lots of writing, I'm going to do that sewing, and I've already had a couple of spurts of energy where I just got up and started cleaning (didn't have anything else to do!). I hope to find the the energy and creativity that is supposed to come from this experiment this week and get done what I'm hoping to accomplish - which is a lot!!

Crafter-noon, a fun thing I heard of on a blog I read every now and then that you do with your kiddos. I made cute invitations and we totally flopped our first try because we discovered that a certain classes schoolwork had not been done at all, by either kiddo!! We had even started making bread, but I could not pull them away from school work to say, no you must make bread! LOL. I thought I would wait till the next day, but that just didn't work either, my allergies ended up getting the better of me and I was in bed a lot that day. So today I made up new invites. My box of beads came in and we went through everything - except a brown pound worth of beads called the 'boss bag' which has cute story behind it, that we will go through at the next crafter-noon which will be the soonest day that they have done all their work, including at least one catch up in the class they are behind in. Then we will make sconce (if we have all of the ingredients) and have jam and sconce and bead.

Hope you are having a nice week and stay safe!!

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    On the weekend I started knitting a "corona virus" blanket. I just couldn't sit in front of the tv doing nothing any longer. It is week three of being inside the house. All the rooms are spotless, closets organized, etc. I am used to being busy - not housebound! I thought of sewing a quilt but I am using my quilting table for a desk currently!
    62 days ago
    emoticon Just take good care to stay well! emoticon
    63 days ago
    I couldn't do a reading fast for a week! I love to read too much. Best of luck for you!!!
    63 days ago
  • LIS193
    63 days ago
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