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Friday, April 03, 2020

I can hardly keep my eyes open today.........................

I don't have to work, which is good. My food order arrived, and the delivery guy didn't practice social distancing which surprised me. But the sun was shining, so I suppose I'll be OK - and it was a short encounter [I'm being ironic]. The food arrived - a really huge veg box (it was listed as 'small'), and the bulk items which looked very big when they arrived - 3kg of red lentils, 3kg prunes, 6 cartons of oat milk, 1kg each of mixed nuts, cashews, oats, and a big catering pack of Cornish tea bags 1,110 bags. I'm not used to bulk-buying, so it was quite shocking! It also left me with three wooden crates and a big cardboard tray which I had to get rid of. I've put them all in the recycling and the rubbish skips, so hope I won't have upset anyone!

I saw two of my neighbours sitting having a chin-wag - they weren't social distancing either. Some of them have been waiting to receive a box of supplies from the Government - and asked if that was what I had received.

But at least I have food to keep me going for a couple of months if necessary! All shelf-stable dry goods, so no frozen/chilled things to worry about.

One of the houses opposite mine now has a teddy bear in their window (and a knitted pirate), and another house on the other side (where I know there are children) has pictures of rainbows in their window.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

For some reason I just want to sleep today - perhaps I have Covid-19 without the cough or temperature?!

I did phone a friend this morning - and chatted for an hour. Her daughter knows FIVE people who have Covid-19 (untested).

Today, knitting has been my go-to relaxation - knitting and listening to the radio.

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  • OOLALA53
    Six KILOGRAMS of lentils? 1,100 tea bags? etc. Did you order these things or were you entitled to them somehow? For me the hard part would be where to keep it all! My cupboards are stuffed. I periodically force myself not to buy anything but creamer, freggies, and coffee, and it still takes me months to use everything because I eat so many beans and grains which store in small spaces compared to how they cook up in the water. I used to shop often and just keep picking things up because I knew eventually I would use them. But with this, I did end up buying more before I used it all. Gots to have my grains!

    I'm sure you got some rest.

    Can't wait to hear all the lentil and prune recipes you're going to come up with... emoticon
    45 days ago
  • LINDA!
    It is good that you received the order. It sounds like a great idea. Drowsiness can come from things such as depression. I know that I occasionally feel down because I want to get out. Hubby and I are taking a walk daily. I do some exercises online as well. It will be wonderful when this pandemic is over.
    49 days ago
    What are you knitting Gill? I've been doing a crochet blanket but I can't concentrate on anything at the moment so I'm just trying out some new knitting stitches on small samples. Maybe I'll back them with felt and turn them into mug coasters at some point, if I like them!
    49 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    Hope you had a nice sleep! Worry can exhaust us physically and emotionally. How wonderfully organised you have been with your shopping. emoticon emoticon emoticon love and hugs Donna xxx PS Hooe you feeing better today
    50 days ago
    I have put 5 teddy bears in my front windows. I put the tops and bottoms of the shades in the middle and sat the teddys on them like they are swings.
    Stay safe. emoticon
    50 days ago
    That is amazing that people are not adhering to social distancing. It is a very big problem in the US too. I am glad you are knitting to help you stay calm. Stay safe.
    51 days ago
    So nice to have your pantry stocked. That seems like a nice selection.
    We've been more tired lately. Love my naps.
    51 days ago
    I hope you finally got some sleep, sounds like your body was wanting it. The veg box sounds wonderful! Take care ;-).
    51 days ago
    My heart goes out to you, and I hope you are sleeping well as I type this.

    A huge percentage of people who are tested in the USA get negative results. It has been hard to get tested here because we had a test shortage, so that's people that they really thought had it. I seriously hope you don't have it.

    I can't believe the delivery guy was not social distancing. I feel like if people in the USA could get a grip on this, we would not be under shelter-at-home directive. But, when I see nurses sitting side-by-side singing . . . Oh, I get angry! (A shared post on fb)
    51 days ago
    My cousin in Italy posted this - I translated it so it may have some grammar errors
    Fortunately no one in my family is Covid-19 positive,

    for the jokers around today; "I can't stay home 40 days ..."
    Don't worry, they put a tube like that to water the flowers in their mouths, then it passes from the windpipe down, ventilates your lungs and you are so paralyzed for 15 days in bed. Alone! πŸ€•
    slightly sedated😴 with pneumonia and fever at 39πŸŒ‘πŸ€’, but what does, so much you will have the wall to look at for 15/20 days 😫 and then they will give you many injections, drip, and they will take your blood pressure, your temperature πŸ“ˆ your oxygen saturation ! They will not only draw blood from your veins, but also your arteries, and the arteries are much deeper to pierce. πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰
    You will poop on yourself or iif you are lucky in a pan, they will insert a bladder catheter and you will pee from there ..
    Pressure injuries (bed sores) will come out, often they even go to the bone, smelly and painful. 😭
    When you get out of the hospital, of course, you will have to take medicine for a long time. πŸ’Š
    You will have inflammation and suffering.
    If it goes badly you will also be infected with very resistant bacteria .. but who cares, you are 20 years old, and have your whole life to be treated πŸ˜‰
    Good journey! ☠️
    Aaah! P.S.
    Always if a bed and a respirator
    in the hospital is available! πŸš’πŸš”πŸš‘
    Dedicated to jokers, to the people who lack a conscience, to the ignorant, to those who think they are smart, to all those who think that they are exaggerating, to those who do not hear the news and do not see the images of the countless coffins that no longer find a place even in the cemeteries, to all those who continue to show no civic sense and respect for the safety of others.
    For the good of all, prove to be men !!! Right now they are saying that we have exceeded China's number of deaths, but do we realize how serious all this is?
    Amen! πŸ™πŸΌ

    51 days ago
    I've been quilting to … relax.
    51 days ago
    Thankful I can say we know of no one who has the virus. My cousin cannot say the same. She is in New York.
    51 days ago
    That order should last you a while!

    This virus is truly fearsome. **SIGH** Just staying put and taking care. Enjoy your rest.

    HUGS and stay safe, stay well.
    51 days ago
    Gill, Stress will tax our energy reserves. Your body likely simply needs the rest. Do your best to set the worry aside, rest, relax and enjoy your knitting.

    Love it that the window decorations are spreading. emoticon
    51 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    I think you're probably just mentally and physically and emotionally exhausted. Catch up on your sleep.

    We often bulk buy from places like the Chinese supermarket or Costco. It gives me a sense of comfort to have food now. Absolutely related to times when I had no food in my kitchen and no money to buy anything. My Mum always had a good stock in and pleased to have mine now.
    51 days ago
    Enjoy your rest. Your body is just telling you what it needs! Listen to it...
    51 days ago
    Lol, that is a huge order but as you said, it will last a long time! I don't think drowsiness is a symptom, probably more a reaction by your body to not needing to go to work and accomplish other tasks. The extra rest will do you good.
    51 days ago
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