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04/04/20 Goal

Saturday, April 04, 2020

"My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be." Wayne Dyer

A lady goes for a job interview in an office. The interviewer decides to start with the basics. "So, miss, can you tell us your age, please?"

The lady counts carefully on her fingers for about 30 seconds before replying "Ehhhh .. 22!".

The interviewer looks at her a little puzzled and then tries another straightforward one to break the ice. "And can you tell us your height, please?".

The young lady stands up and produces a measuring tape from her handbag. She then traps one end under her foot and extends the tape to the top of her head. She checks the measurement and announces "Five foot two!"

This isn't looking good so the interviewer goes for the real basics. "And ehh, just to confirm for our records, your name

The lady bobs her head from side to side for about twenty seconds, mouthing something silently to herself, before replying "Mandy!".

The interviewer is completely baffled at this stage, so he asks, "Just out of curiosity, miss. We can understand your counting on your fingers to work out your age, and the measuring tape for your height is obvious, but what were you doing when we asked you your name?"

"Ohh that!", she replies, "That's just me running through, 'Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you....' ."


It's Hug a Newsperson/Man/Woman Day in honor of those folks who work hard to keep us informed with current and accurate data! If you know a newsperson, give them a virtual hug today. Let them know we care about the diligent work they do to keep us informed.
--404 Day: you've seen the error code before when trying to get to a site that has been changed or deleted; having the holiday on April 4th is based on the 4-4.
--Every Day is Tag Day: observed on the 1st Saturday of April; not the game of tag, but the tags our dogs and pets are supposed to be wearing; along with microchipping, having tags is another way of keeping our furbabies safe.
--International Carrot Day: a salute to one of the 10 most economically important vegetables; a root vegetable that has been around since ancient times, though now is domesticated from its wild cousin.
--International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action: an UN initiative for eradicating all mines left behind in war zones.
--International Firewalk Day: observed on the 1st Saturday of April; today celebrates an ancient practice of walking on hot coals, since 1200 BCE; the rite has different meanings for different cultures but there is science behind how the people can walk on the coals without burning their feet; when the coals are properly tended, there is a layer of ash that protects but it takes a calm mind to walk naturally.
--International Pillow Fight Day: observed on the 1st Saturday of April; don't laugh; this is a world-wide celebration with pillow fights scheduled all over the world; granted, this year the fights have probably been cancelled so save those pillows for next year.
--National Cordon Bleu Day: it means "blue ribbon" and that describes the yummy dish of chicken (or veal), ham, and swiss cheese!
--National DIY Day: today is salute to all of the crafters who show creativity and love the art of making; we know these folks well as they cut our hair, fix our cars and computers, mow our lawns and bake our cakes; starting in 2016, crafters all over would get together today to celebrate their projects; check online for video conferencing for this year.
--National Love Our Children Day: observed on the 1st Saturday of April; today reminds us to value our children for the individuals they are; today raises the importance of developing healthy relationships with our kids.
--Tangible Karma Day: observed on the 1st Saturday of April; today is based on the idea that what energy we put out into the world comes back to us; today encourages us to donate to others who need our help.
--Victims of Violence Wholly Day: today commemorates the anniversary of the 1968 assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.; today honors all victims of violence around the world.
--Vitamin C Day: a salute to that versatile vitamin that prevents colds and repairs body tissue; have an orange today.
--Walk Around Things Day: today has a literal and figurative meaning as it encourages you to avoid problems and risks; literally, today reminds you to be aware of your environment and walk around things that could cause harm; figuratively, to walk around problems and issues that could backfire on you.
--World Rat Day: today celebrates the fancy rat, a type of rat that does well as a pet, plus to dispel the myths and misconceptions that are about rat; all I can think of is the movie "Willard".
--In 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen launch Microsoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico. From bing: " They initially spell the company's name as Micro-Soft, a combination of the words 'microcomputer' and 'software,' but later drop the capital 'S' and hyphen. Other names they considered include 'Outcorporated Inc.' and 'Allen & Gates.'"
--In 1873, the Kennel Club purebred dog registry was founded. From bing: "Seeing the need for formal rules and regulations in the breeding, registry, and showing of pedigreed dogs in the United Kingdom, Sewallis Shirley establishes The Kennel Club with 12 other canine connoisseurs, the first such organization in the world."
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