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So much happens in just one day

Sunday, April 05, 2020

We are a couple from Canada who were on a vacation that took a strange turn. Today we are on the Coral Princess docked in Miami. We are doing our best to stay calm despite anything else happening else where in the world or just outside our balcony.

So much happens in just one day that involves every aspect of our immediate future. International affairs, local levels of government, Princess Cruise corporate decisions, Air Canada, and the health and well being of other people on the Coral Princess. All these moving parts control our daily lives

My husband and I are in a comfortable 300 square foot balcony suite. Princess Cruises is doing their best to keep us comfortable. We are well stocked with fresh towels, tasty meals, movies, and if we asked they would bring us a board game.

Outside all day it's been continual noise and chaos as ambulances, police cars, fire trucks, supply vehicles, and fork lifts come and go. The beeping and horns are day and night. People are in hazmat suits, face masks and gowns, some linger and some leave quickly and we wonder what is happening. We keep to our room as much as we can, but at times the noises are so loud, we go go out on the balcony to have a look.

Everything about us changes quickly and we have no control. Outside news source tell us more than what is conveyed to us on the ship. Leaving here and getting home gets more complicated each day. Now the CDC wants all healthy Canadian passengers to be on a dedicated charter flight straight to Canada, meaning no 'regular' passengers, or sick cruisers. We must have a health check before we can board.

Hubby and I are determined to be our best selves and focus on self care. We have to stay healthy, calm and resilient, so we can deal with all this uncertainty. We can't give into despair. Yes there is moments of panic and sadness, but also the determination to pull ourselves up and get on with the day. We will get through this.

The Miami Herald states '1,800 travelers and crew slated to leave the ship'. I heard that the crew would be staying on, so I am not sure if this is valid.

The Miami Herald article was posted this morning and already it is obsolete. I see the numbers reported have escalated. 27 are passengers and 38 are crew have tested positive. We have to take news like this in stride and keeping going. We will stay positive and keep each other going.

I am so sorry for the people who are sick and my condolences to the families of those who passed away.


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