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Adjustment is tiring

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

I've certainly noticed feeling more tired since the social distancing came into force, and the anxiety of the pandemic became resident in my head.

This morning I found this really enlightening blog which confirmed what I'd thought - but also made me feel more resolved to get my act together and get a routine going. Also - prepare for feeling very duff next week!

"People in the first few weeks of lock-down may feel low and could be tearful. This is a normal adaptation stage. Please don’t worry too much but be reassured that this will pass for most people and next week you will feel better..... However, there is one period to be aware of that can occur around three weeks after the start, when a person can succumb abruptly to a bout of melancholy and a loss of morale. But once this phase has passed these feelings of despondency tend not to return."


There is an example given from Shackleton's famous adventure, stuck in the ice!

"Shackleton insisted on strict meal times and ordered everyone to gather in the officers’ mess after dinner to have an enforced period of socialisation. These scheduled activities prevented a social monotony that can occur when a small group of people are confined together for significant periods."

[although not practising social distancing - what a blessing they didn't succumb to an infectious disease between them - seems the recorded emergencies were frostbite, dental abcesses - and surgery carried out without anaesthesia!]

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    We studied Shackleton in our biographies unit when I taught third grade some years back.
    The kids loved it!
    Three weeks today for me...the worst part is being away from my three littles.
    59 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    I am reminded so often these days that when Anne Frank was in hiding, she and her sister got up everyday and studied for several hours a day. For a couple of years! But I am having no easier time with a schedule than I was in retirement before this. Ok, will go exercise now.
    59 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    We keep a very similar routine too for getting up times, meals, walking as a family and bedtime as I think this is important too. Gotta try to make it the best don't we, take care Gill. Hugs and best wishes Donna xxx
    59 days ago
    We Zoom chatted with DS today, he is isolated in a 500 square foot apartment in downtown Montreal, studying and working from home and is at the 3 week mark, he sounded a bit down, he is normally very energetic and cheeky. He was well groomed, I commented he could be in his pyjamas as he is all alone and he said keeping a routine is helping keeping him sane. I will send him that article regarding phases of adjustment. He says he has gone out only once a week for groceries.
    59 days ago
  • MAWMAW101
    Keeping a scheduled routine is important for me because I miss my outing buddies.
    Now we call each other at lunch time or coffee time and share our day.
    It’s not perfect but it keeps us from feeling isolated and sharing what is happening in each of our lives seems important.
    60 days ago
    Having a routine definitely works for me.
    60 days ago
    60 days ago
    Yes, this social distancing is very, very hard. I haven't seen my DS/DIL/grandson in a month. FINALLY got to see DD today -- she had some things for me and I for her. We kept our social distance, but it was spirit-renewing to see her. It was all I could do to not just hug her and never let her go!

    HUGS and stay well, stay safe.
    60 days ago
    You wrote: "People in the first few weeks of lock-down may feel low and could be tearful. This is a normal adaptation stage."
    This is very similar to what family was told when my mother was moved to the nursing home area of her senior living facility. They asked us not to visit for a month so she could acclimate to her new surroundings.
    60 days ago
    I am staying busy and trying to not spend time watching the dreadful news. Praying constantly for all nations and all people knowing God is in control and will wonders through it all!
    60 days ago
  • MARTHA324
    Yep, last week was our third week and definitely more anxious.

    We will get through this. The sunny weather in Florida where we are really helps to improve my mood.
    60 days ago
    This will pass, everything does, we just have to get through it.
    60 days ago
    A routine is the best thing I can have right now. Glad I have a job I can work from home to keep me going.
    60 days ago
    3 weeks on the dot, yesterday I hit the melancholy button for sure. This morning I woke to blue sky and a sense of energy so onwards I go.
    Shackeltons' crew at least knew where they were and had prepared ahead for shelter and provisions, one only has to look back on Frobisher's ill fated voyage to the Canadian Arctic where the crew members resorted to cannabalism in their dying days. Seems that that they had failed to seek advice from the natives who had survived in that area of the world for centuries.
    60 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    I have decided to keep my daughter in a home schooling routine even though it is Easter holidays. We all need routine. We all need something to do all day.
    I have got down this week. Much as I hate to give the buffoon any credit, not giving any end date to our lock down was the correct move. I think it's easier to cope with. Just do today. Then repeat. No hopes to dash. No waiting. Just do and repeat.
    60 days ago
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