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Day 15 - Cake

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

No not for me silly.  Cake, biscuits, chocolate[s], sweets, not really my thing.  Very rare for me to eat any of 'em.  But still - Cake.  Remember when we had the first 'applause' for the NHS and Key Workers, I mentioned that during a short conversation with Jack and Lili next door I learnt some useful/important informtion?  Well one of those things was that Jack's birthday is 7th April. Today no less.  Amazingly, despite the 'lockdown' I haven't totally lost the plot yet and am still aware of the date.  Helped no doubt by there being so many birthdays amongst my friends and family at this time - as mentioned Sunday.  I could have just dropped a card through their letterbox but the local shop doesn't have much selection at the best of times, let alone now.  Besides, lets face it, a card would only land up in the trash in a few days.  Well, not all cards.  I have some that I have treasured over the years but lets be fair, I'm just the 'woman next door'.  They barely know me so I hardly think he'd treasure a birthday card from me.  I'd be pretty concerned if he did!

I wanted to make a simple gesture and pretty much knew from the moment I heard during that conversation about his birthday coming up, what the gesture would be.  A cake.  I don't do fancy cakes.  I can't do all those wonderful amazing decorated cakes that so many of you can.  Besides, that would be OTT in the circumstances.  I can however bake. So I made a simple Lemon Drizzle Cake on the basis that most people seem to like it.  Elaine says my Lemon Drizzle Cake is the best she's ever tasted and seemingly most of the Brunch Bunch agree with her.  Of course they could just be humouring her.  And/or me.  I've no way of knowing because despite having made so many of the damn things, I've never actually tasted one of 'em.  Which is quite astonishing really.  Anyhow I tapped on their door earlier and Jack answered so I gave him his cake and fingers crossed they will enjoy it.  Happy birthday Jack.  

It wasn't all one way traffic in terms of birthday gifts as it turned out.  Recently I ordered some plants from a garden company.  The order is still 'pending' which is kind of irritating though I understand they are currently very busy.  Lunch time ish and bash, bash, bash, on my door.  It was the Yodel Courier delivery chap.  He's delivered here so many times it almost feels like he's a friend though I do still find his habit of calling me 'mate' strange.  The box stated it was live plants and had the name of the company I'd placed the order with on it.  Curious.  Not big enough for everything I'd ordered and anyway, my order was still 'pending' plus I haven't been charged.  Eventually I opened it and it wasn't anything to do with the order I'd placed.  It was a gift from Elaine for my birthday.  She'd seen an advert in The Sunday Times.  But how funny we should both happen upon the same company, her via a newspaper, me on line.  Anyhow it's a Witch Hazel and rather lovely.  Currently soaking in my sink.  As I'm not staying here long term I'm thinking I'll re pot it in a much bigger planter so I can take it with me whenever I eventually move.  

And while we're on the subject of birthdays, it's Billie Holiday's birthday today too.  I love Paris but I've never been there for my birthday.  I thought I might make April in Paris this year but no.  Still, there's always next year.  Happy Birthday Lady Day.


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