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The Daily Dishtowel - 8

Sunday, April 19, 2020

I am not (there are those among you who will chuckle now) the most spiritual of people. Raised with firm foundation in the Methodist church, I have an affinity for it, but mostly because of my childhood memories and the long-standing associations my family has had with Methodism. (At least as far back as 1840, that we know of - I'd say that's a long association.)

As the years have gone on I'm less and less inclined to attend any formal services or follow any formal denomination. To each his own, sez me, but "spirituality" by definition doesn't play a major role in my thinking.

Every now and then, though, the cosmos sends me a message: I don't believe everything happens by accident. I'm not always sure ANYthing happens by accident, but surely some things are part of a Plan.

Yesterday, while researching something totally unrelated, I came across this: "Always, we begin again." That was it, that was all there was to it. No background, no explanation, no elaboration. Just those four words. (I was researching trial records from the Old Bailey court in 18th century London, so you see this search result genuinely was unrelated.)

Intrigued, I put that statement into Google for a search. Well. We live and learn. Several results came up, some featuring blogs from people who wrote about the phrase, some from groups that are religiously- or spiritually-based. But the saying itself apparently comes from "The Rule of St Benedict," who was talking about not being perfect, not having the perfect guide to follow, but about striving toward an ideal - to being your best. Perhaps simply working toward being a good person, since no human can be perfect.

I suspect the cosmos speaks to me a lot more often than I listen, but I heard this message, loud and clear.

It's a new day, people - carpe diem!
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