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My New Sense of Time

Saturday, April 25, 2020

My new sense of time is basically it doesn't matter! Not long ago (although it seems like years) my days were structured around the clock. Fletcher got us up around 7 and I needed over an hour to watch the news, have tea, breakfast and then get ready to take him out. Depending on the day, there were classes at the gym I wanted to take. Maybe we were going to meet friends for lunch at a certain time. Afternoons were looser although we wanted to be sure that if we were out we'd be back around 4 to feed Fletcher. Some days our cleaning crew came at 8:30 and we wanted to be out of the house. We'd make dinner reservations or plan to meet friends for drinks and/or dinner.

Today? Not so much. To a certain extent now it is the heat and sun that I pay attention to. We get Fletcher out for a long walk before it gets too hot. And we'll either go right back out for our fast walk or wait a bit depending on the weather. After that, it doesn't much matter. We have lunch when we get hungry and same with dinner. If I'm having wine I like to wait til close to 6.

Today I was checking my phone, reading some articles and thinking I'd better go shower and wash my hair. WHY? I asked myself did I need to do it now? The whole afternoon and evening was ahead of me with nothing time sensitive on the calendar.

In many ways this freedom from doing things at a certain time has been liberating. In other ways, not so much.

How are you dealing with the lack of time constraints? Or are time constraints still a part of your life?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    We're home schooling DGD, so we still run on a schedule, although it is modified.
    74 days ago
    I'm an essential worker, so my schedule hasn't change. And still... there is a weirdness about time for me, too.
    75 days ago
    I 'm getting through my days and the last two weeks have actually been some what better! I have been able to not eat everything in sight! Was able to cut down on my sodium! So, I'm good!
    75 days ago
    We make a new structure for the times :)
    76 days ago
    yep i need a little structure but only am admit about getting my exercise in in time with the weather
    76 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    No time restraints here and I'm loving it. Been retired for going on 5 years now. I stay up late, sleep in late, or go to be early and get up early whatever the mood strikes me. I eat when I'm hungry and not by any time constraints, but for dinner as hubby wants his dinner before 6pm. This I do for him.

    When this first all started I totally cleaned my house, and I mean cleaned my house down to the last dust bunny there is. Now I don't have any of those projects left and clean up is just a breeze now. Too much of a breeze as I like having something to do. I've never had laundry caught up like I do now.

    Now I appreciate every day and every moment of the day. I live in the present, for which I am grateful, thankful, and blessed.

    Enjoy this time, as there will come a day where time will be our keeper once again.
    76 days ago
    My only time constraint is taking my meds at roughly the same time every day. With the shutdown, I needn't be trying to get to the library before it closes. But this coming Tuesday, I'm going to *try* to get to the grocer at 8 to take advantage of "senior time".
    76 days ago
    I have no time constraints. I retired five years ago. I have been doing things when and if I want to do them. I do have a little bit of a routine in the morning. I get up, make coffee, unload the dishwasher, make the bed and get showered and dressed otherwise, the day is mine to do what I choose to do. I like going on walks with my husband after he gets off work. He usually makes dinner because he loves to cook.
    76 days ago
    I do follow my same daily routine, like 2BDYNAMIC I am a Type A personality and like structure and physical action in my days. That said, days do seem to be melding into each other, I sometimes have to check the calendar to see what the date is! And meals have to happen at the same time every day.
    76 days ago
    I do find that I do best with a little structure, but . . . being home full time has lent itself to a different routine than before. That's all right. Still a routine.

    HUGS Stay well, stay safe, keep the faith.
    76 days ago
    I have not had time constraints for well over a year since I've physically been unable to work. And, as much as I thought I liked structure and routine, I like living without time constraints. I feel more at ease and more attuned to the present moment.
    76 days ago
    Although retired for over three years, I am used to the structured lifestyle; always getting up before dawn's early light to get ready for work. Now I have to say I appreciate not having to get up that early, and it doesn't matter what time we go for a walk--with it being cool. But to keep 'my cool' and sanity for that matter--as an A personality, and used to structure, I still keep the drive alive---and don't allow myself to sit. Now we have run out of spring cleaning tasks---etc. etc.... So I find other things, but main thing is stay occupied. {as for time constraints---I am used to eating meals at a certain time, so that is the same; even bedtime is pretty much the same.
    76 days ago
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