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Thursday, April 30, 2020

I usually reply to everyone who comments on my blogs but I’m completely overwhelmed. I haven’t replied to anyone. I wish I could resign right now. A week or so ago, I saw online teaching as a challenge. With less than two weeks left to prepare, I feel I’m going to break into pieces. I’m a very non tech person but I have to master about half a dozen things like PowerPoint and making videos as well as planning the lessons. At least I’m getting some written help in English now, but I just don’t know how to do this at all.
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    Oh dear oh dear -- as a former teacher myself and with a close friend also trying to transition to college law clerk teaching on line, I really hear you.

    It's a tough tough and very rapid transition.
    104 days ago
    This all sounds very overwhelming.
    A lot to master in such a short time.
    My job requires me to do live online webinars and meetings here and there, and the tech portion of this stresses me out to no end. The other day my audio dropped out halfway through my presentation.
    But, life goes on.
    Grab hold of any tech savvy people you can think of and get some help.
    My daughter teaches online, but, of course, she grew up learning at least the basics of all that's required as far as tech goes.
    They say that getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing.
    Best wishes! Hang in there!
    You'll do fine.
    emoticon emoticon
    106 days ago
    emoticon I'm sorry you're feeling overwhelmed.

    Please do not add additional pressures and expectations. upon yourself. I've been unable to respond to those commenting on my blogs, posting to my page, etc. for years due to the challenges I'm experiencing. If folks choose not to read or respond to our blogs anymore due to our inability to respond, that's their choice. It doesn't make us 'bad' people. We're doing our best and if we don't measure up for others, we don't measure up. All we can do is our best.

    106 days ago
    So sorry to hear that you are overwhelmed! I can so relate learning new things especially on the computer. Take a breath and do little by little one program at a time. Then take a tea break. Don’t forth your self and be gentle on your self. You’ve got this! And you do not reply on my comment nor other spark friends we understand your situation! Take it easy my dear.
    emoticon emoticon
    106 days ago
    I hear you. I understand how it is overwhelming facing so many new challenges at one time. Just do the best you can. Take your time. Take deep breathes. The year will be over soon.
    106 days ago
    This would be challenging enough for someone who is familiar with all the applications and technology, and even more so for somebody who has to learn it all from the beginning with nobody around to walk her through it. Maybe this is one of those times you DO ask for help...? I would contact the school administrator(or whoever you report to), let them know I'm overwhelmed, and ask if somebody could help me figure things out. At the very least, I would think they could farm out the Power Point visuals you will need to use. This close to retirement, I don't think I'd care if they think I still live in the dark ages, you'll be out of there soon enough -- and you need help NOW. If they can't come through for you, then perhaps you can just type up sheets of what you'd put on a power point, hold them up to the screen, tell the students this is as good as it's going to get, and do the best you can with what you can work with.
    106 days ago
    Yuck. Do the bits you have to do, the same as here, one step at a time, and hang fire with replying to your sparky comments. I used to get overwhelmed at times in teaching, usually long term goal setting for the maths department, it freaked me out....
    We understand!!
    107 days ago
    Dont feel you need to reply to every comment...we all do what we can at any given time.
    I just read your last few blogs and admire you so much.
    I retired from teaching 12 years ago (in my native language!) and was so glad about that as they moved more and more into technology with all that testing and data collection.
    I like to think I’m a smart girl but, like you, I thought, why bother putting so much energy into learning all these new things I will never use again?
    Anyway...good luck with it.
    My DIL, (age 48) is overwhelmed teaching her middle school students online whilst helping her two elementary aged older two and supervising my son who is on the couch teaching their youngest, who is in K.
    It is surely a whole new world today.
    107 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/2/2020 10:09:25 PM
    I don't blame you @ all. I'd be at a loss, too. **SIGH** Good luck to you, and I echo the sentiments of IMLOCOLINDA. Maybe resigning is not all that bad. But maybe trying to get help, if you can, would be step #1.

    107 days ago
    I would be in exactly the same spot you are. I hope the English instructions help. Is resigning an option?
    107 days ago
  • EISSA7
    Yikes! I am 100% certain that I’d be totally overwhelmed and confused....I wonder if there are any young adults or even teens that could spend a few hours with you, safely masked of course, to help you navigate thru this?? Truly, my thoughts are with you.... emoticon emoticon
    107 days ago
    Doesn't the school have someone to help?
    107 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    107 days ago
    I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time. It sounds like an enormous challenge.

    In a previous blog I think you said you are coming up for retirement. Please do check whether your pension will be affected in any way if you resign early rather than retire at the expected date. If so it may be worth hanging on even though it's tough.

    Also, if you are finding this overwhelming, then you are probably a very conscientious person. You're pushing on and still trying when maybe other people would have given up. I know people who, faced with a challenge like this just before retirement, would have coasted along without worrying too much.

    Have you taken a break from it from time to time? Are you looking after yourself first? Are you eating properly, getting some rest? It's easy to lose sight of those things when under time pressure. In the past I've thought I'd be able to catch up on the 'me time' later when things calmed down. It didn't turn out well!

    I really hope it goes well for you and that you feel better soon.
    Take care.
    107 days ago
    Margaret you are a resourceful woman, breathe, ask for help locally, there must be someone willing to get you started.
    If you're okay at using Google or You Tube you might find some easy tutorials on there to give you confidence. I often go to You Tube for tips, it's amazing what they have on there.
    107 days ago
    So very sorry. I am " tech" challenged also. If it weren't for my husband and girls, I would be lost. Will pray for you and hope you find help 🙏
    107 days ago
    Will say a prayer for you. Not sure of your Religious Affiliation but we have Patrons of Communications: St. Gabriel-Archangel & St. Clare of Assisi.
    107 days ago
    emoticon Maybe your daughter or one of the younger teachers could help? I can't imagine the fear and frustration you are going through. Is resigning such a bad thing? You have to take care of yourself first!
    107 days ago
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