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Do Onto Others

Monday, May 18, 2020

I have heard a lot of talk recently about how masks are a bad idea. Really? If you protect others when you wear one, and other people are wearing one, are you not being protected by them? How does this basic idea of promoting extra hygiene in the face of an extremely contagious deadly contagion become a political rallying cry? Just wear a mask! Follow the 'Golden Rule', "Do onto others, as you would have others done onto you." It's just so basic.

Do you want to forget all about the pandemic? Is that why you don't want to wear a mask? Then put one on, and help create the peer pressure to get others to wear them. Because the pandemic can only be stopped when no one is spreading the virus. And you never know if you have it or not, since over 50% of people infected show no symptoms. And not only that, once you have it, you can catch it again, because there are over 30 different coronaviruses now, due to mutations that have occurred in only a few months!


I just got the one that I ordered in the mail. It's made of polyester, and it smells like it. I hope that fades away with hand washing. I've been using a disposable one, and keeping it in the bag that it came in, with the desiccated gel crystals or whatever that keeps it dry.. Well, I've used two, since this all started. I had bought a box of surgical masks a couple years ago. I was thinking of donating them to the fire department near me, because they said they could use some, but they didn't want any boxes that had been open. So I kept mine to myself. I offered to let my mom have one, to wear in stores that require them, but she said she won't be shopping in any stores that do that. I was disappointed in her! I mean, really, she is an elderly lady now. It doesn't make sense. If everyone in a store wears a mask, then everyone is protected from anything airborne, because nothing is going to be airborne! Nothing! Then you only have to worry about touchpoints, like the debit card machine and the handle of your cart, using sanitizer and washing more frequently.

Personally, I haven't been shopping in a long while. I do all my shopping online now. But if I do go out again, I will only go to a store where everyone is required to wear a mask. If there's a way to slow the virus, and this is one way, I think we should definitely take advantage of it!

Be safe and stay home, if you can! Do the right thing! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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