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Changing the narrative

Monday, June 01, 2020

Good morning friends.. Yesterday was a lovely day.. it started out a bit tentative.. I was feeling a little antsy... and after I wrote and shared my words I saw that Dayna was having a meeting at 9am, so I changed into my workout clothes, grabbed my water bottle and cell phone and headed out for a walk into the crisp morning air plugged in my head phones and got ready to zoom.

The focus was changing the narrative, changing the way you speak to yourself.. sound familiar.. I had written those exact words about an hour earlier.. without knowing what I was walking into.

That happened often when Dayna was here in NJ.. I would blog that morning and show up that night and whatever the theme was I had written about earlier in the day, and it was generally a day that I had considered not going... yesterday was an unplanned day that I really needed to go..

After that came home and had a fierce virtual #cko class with Tully. Then I got a text from my sister that my niece who is visiting us from Boston for about a week was making dinner for everyone on the compound later on.

So I ate my meal, a huge salad (iceberg, garden mixture) with grilled chicken, boiled eggs, feta cheese a sprinkle of dry ranch salad dressing seasoning and evoo and balsamic vinegar.

I then decided to make some keto rolls since my nephew and his gf are following keto..

It was much colder than Saturday, the drop in temperature was significant.. I sat out in the sun a bit, but when the sun went behind the clouds it was CHILLY. But I was feeling so content, so fulfilled, so joyful. I walked towards my back yard and the flowered bush that aligns the fence caught my eye and I snapped a picture of it.. I remember feeling this sense of this, this is what I want to feel, this is how I want everyone to feel - how can I change the narrative?

Dinner was grilled steak and chicken, zucchini and eggplant slices, with a broccoli salad with almonds and bacon, a greek salad with fussili pasta and the rolls. It was really good, but the best part was we sat around the table as a family just having a norma conversation, laughing and enjoying each other's company. Hubby and I jointly decided that it was way to cold and windy to go in search of a beach sunset.. and he had began the undertaking of staining the closet doors,so we tabled that idea for a warmer night later in the week.. but we did face time with Ryder and they called during the gathering for dessert which happened a few hours after dinner, so we all got to say hello the the little one.

Today is my DIL's birthday, the absolute best without a doubt I am sure. We sang to her and sent up a video.. I think I've shared my thoughts on the tuneless HBD song before, but this was actually pretty in tune!

This morning's bible quote Colossians 4:2 very simple Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful... the spoken reflection used the word "intentional" multiple times,, and it spoke to me..

I have mentioned multiple times that I want to express myself more through the written word and I have been thinking about blogging on a bigger scale.. this week I have taken some more concrete "intentional" steps toward that end. I have been doing serious research and have begun the process and am searching for the appropriate name..

All the instructions tell you to jot down names that come to you.. and then narrow it down.. so I wrote down the first thing that came to mind.. the next day I wrote down a few more, then a few more.. "intentional" was a word in two of my choices I was considering.. one of which I shared with a select group of friends and asked their opinion on.. I liked it, but I did not feel convicted..

Yesterday I shared a few of them with my #dailyjournalchallenge FB group and they all picked the same one, the very first one that entered my mind the day I decided with intention I am going to do this.

Pool is looking better, but it is still very chilly.. that doesn't mean I won't try to take a dip.. but we shall see.. Ryder is beautiful and even in his slightly cranky chat last night still lit up my heart and brought so much joy to the day.

Have a magnificent Monday. First day of a new month which means goal setting for many.. so what intentions will you be setting for yourself? And what steps are you going to take to get you where you want to be? I am going to go #wherevermyheartleadsme

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