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MEGA Marvelous Monday !!! Welcome June, SAY GOODBYE to May !!!

Monday, June 01, 2020

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Our virtual kitchen is Covid-19 free ...:)

MEGA Marvelous Monday !!!!!

Day off today .. WOOHOO !!!!! Yesterday I was on such a high again .. I was a bit concerned, because I read that mom had an off night of sleep .. but she slept in her bed for a couple hours .. just could not get her leg comfortable .. but no problem with incontinence .. :) She finally got up and came to her chair because her leg hurt .. and we are hoping that problem will be better with Wednesday's cortizone shot .. sooo things are looking up ..

I got there, bracing myself ... and the caregiver's comments were misconstruing .. because I made the mention that "she didn't sleep well" .. and she came back with she slept really well .. just mixed up .. and she was in a good mood .. and told me about her night .. I was happy to hear that she tried her bed .. and actually made it for a few hours .. and she was in a perky mood .. I told her that my plans for her bath today; was that she could just do it, and I would be there just in case .. just leave the door cracked open, even though my ears would be peeled anyway, and the walls aren't that thick .. lol .. but she did the whole thing on her own .. I heard a thump and bump occasionally, but I know the sound of a fall thump and bump .. (more like crash) and the thumps and bumps I heard were just that .. thumps and bumps .. but there were a couple times that I had to talk myself down from getting up .. lol but then I would hear her splashing, and feel better.. She did awesome .. she came out and SHE had to get her own clothes, and she had to get herself dressed .. she did everything herself .. and I am SO PROUD of her !!!!

I asked her, since her toenails were soft, did she want me to trim them up .. that's one thing that I know she can't do, and she usually has the nail salon do it, but well .. we've been without nail salons, and I felt more calm then the last time (right when we got home from rehab ..) when I almost chopped off her toe .. lol .. I got her cleaned up a bit with the clipper and file that she had .. I think I will pack up a little package and stick it in a closet or drawer for when I need it ... but I used what she had, and got her nails trimmed up and filed clean ..without cutting off a toe .. lol lol lol ..

I took her garbage downstairs, and got her medicine together for the week .. and when I came back up, she had herself put together, and asked if I would follow her around to take her walk .. I agreed.. she walked the ENTIRE hallway .. with only 1 rest .. I was soooo proud of her !!!!! We got back and I had a cup of coffee with her, and headed out ..

I am not going over today, and tomorrow .. so that's the next step .... working toward my Sunday afternoon visits ... but that may take some time .. (my problem .. not mom's ..lol)

This morning, I looked at the overnight (Helen) comments, and found out that the AM girl didn't show up . Mom had to scold her yesterday .. and having met her the day of push button chaos, was not surprised that she didn't show up ..If she is going for her nursing degree .. I don't see that she's going to succeed .. because she has no push behind her at all, and nursing is a VERY difficult job .. She came in yesterday and without asking mom if she needed anything ... just went back to the craft room, and started playing puzzle .. She was having allergy problems, and used up alot of mom's kleenex .. that was one of mom's pet peeves .. they used her margarine, ate her candy, and now she used her kleenex .. it wasn't bad, but they didn't even ask .. just did .. (too comfortable) .. but while Emma seemed like a nice girl, just shy, I didn't have a liking for her after that day ... she just wasn't going to cut it .... but I kept my feelings to myself .. I've been wrong before ..

Well -- mom had enough, and spoke up .. asking her why, if she knew she was having allergy troubles, she wouldn't bring her own kleenex .. and she went back to the craft room and pouted .. Mom felt bad, and called her back out, and explained to her that "you is supposed to be taking care of me, and you walked in, never asked if there was anything I needed, or wanted, and went back to "play puzzle" .. and then you used my kleenex .. when you knew that you were having allergy problems" .. She seemed to be fine, but came out and asked mom if she minded if she left early (10:30 instead of 11) because she had a headache .. and mom said to go .. (to be paying someone for not doing a thing!? yup .. I would say leave too) I think that was the final straw...

This morning, I looked at Helen's synopsis from overnight, and her shift was to end at 6:30 .. this was almost 7:00 .. and the 6:30 girl (Emma) was a no show .. At this point in time, I am okay with that .. Ellie (the schedule lady) added that to the confirmation of cancellation of service; explained that Helen was comfortable, making sure that mom had what she needed, and left .. I told her that was fine .. and just told hubby, that if this would have happened at the beginning, I would have been out the door, and on my way before anyone knew it .. but I'm comfortable with mom, and she is probably THRILLED right now .. and dancing around the condo !!! lol lol lol ..

So --- it's been a busy day yesterday .. but the final synopsis is .. MOM IS DOING GREAT, AND WILL BE ON HER OWN COME WEDNESDAY MORNING !!!!! Now my next challenge is to get Bill to accept the wristband for the button ... We'll work with him on Wednesday when I see him .. (he and I are taking mom to her cortizone shot) ... and the 3 of us can talk ..

I came home I was on cloud 9 .. I'm saying goodbye to May with APPLAUSE !!!!! and ready for the changes in June !!!

Today -- it's going to be a me day !!! I'm catching up with laundry, and cleaning up around here .. will let Rupert out of his crate, and let him eat my dust; and I will do the leftovers, and I'm going to stick my head into a box of degreying lotion .... lol .. Yup .. degrey today .. that is almost toppest priority .. and my biggest challenge is going to be making sure hubby is occupied .. lol lol ..

and tomorrow .. we're heading on a roadtrip up north .. and I am looking soooooo forward to it !!! just a day to get away .. don't think there will be much playtime, because the table games aren't going to be open and that's hubby's choice .. and I really don't feel like playing hard .. so a little bit of playing will be sufficient .. enough to just stretch my legs after a 2 hour drive, and then head for home .. but I'm soooooo looking forward to it !!!!

So -- I can close the book to another chapter in my life .. Part of me is thinking mom's extra energy's to prove everyone wrong, is from something Dr K said when we told him that she had hip surgery .. His first response was "and you are living at home ?? you should be in assisted living" ... and mom responded just like I would (and have in negative situations) .. WATCH ME !! and her whole demeanor changed .. she was going to show the world !!! and has!!!

I actually feel good this morning, and hope this continues .. I can actually start soooo looking forward to my little getaway in a few weeks .. :) so with that being said .. I will stop here .. :)

Wishing everyone a wonderful day .. be safe, be strong, be smart, and be healthy !!!!!

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    112 days ago
    Glad your Mom was able to try a few hrs. sleeping in the bed. HOPE that the cortisone shot helps, too.

    God for her that she did her bath all by herself! Wahoo! Independence. Yeah for a successful mini-pedi!

    Hmmmm . . . sounds like Emma isn’t destined to become a nurse. **SIGH** That’s good your Mom spoke up! Fantastic!

    112 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    Alot going on in the world. Stay strong 💪
    112 days ago
    112 days ago
  • KIMCAR08
    Good morning to you too. Hello June. My son just went into the military. He's only been in there a couple of weeks and today is his birthday. Good morning June 1st . ✋
    112 days ago
    Your mum reminds me of my dad, getting a taxi the day he got out of hospital with a full leg cast and a catheter bag, to go see his girlfriend - he was over 90 at the time!
    112 days ago
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