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unmask Monday

Monday, June 01, 2020

" Do not wait for the Last Judgement it takes place every day . " Albert Camus

The world is in turmoil and distress . What are you going to do about it?. Me
first I am going to unmask myself and work on the root of my fears , insecurity
anger and all things holding me back from being my best me,

Everyone has things that held them back in their pasts, a bad childhood ,
horrible parents, abusive teachers. I will spend one hour a day going over
past hurts , making sure I understand them , forgiving those that caused
me pain than I will throw all the negative thoughts and pain that went with
the experience out. I will then move on with my day and move forward
free. You can not let the past go until you confront your pain and then
cast it aside,
While i am in this process I will remember that people change , grow and
evolve , just like me. So my childhood bullies may be reformed and feel
horrible about how they treated me.

This month for me will be all about feelings. Letting others know how I feel
about them and important issues, I will try my best to reach out even
if it has to be done behind a computer, Right now my facebook page
is full with Blacklivesmatter. Not only because I have nieces and nephews
that are black but more so because it is the right thing to do , if you have a
moral compass, I know most spark people are with me because I have friends
here from all around the world. All good kind people helping each other .

I hope you are on the way to the best June ever, I hope none of you are ill.
That you are all safe. I love you all. Keep looking for Hugs, Happiness and
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