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Normal? Shout out to HOLLYM48!

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Thursday, June 04, 2020

HOLLYM48 posted this thought yesterday. As many of us know, she's a front line healthcare worker in Minneapolis/St. Paul: right at the confluence of both COVID 19 and political anti-racism protests. . . Unimaginably tough. .

And: yet. She finds time, she keeps on posting comforting and courageous messages. For all of us here at Spark People.

We are indeed experiencing a new normal. Michael Neill recently spoke about the possible death of the old normal -- or perhaps it's an interruption. We don't know. Yet.

Yes, the human mind longs for normalcy: even when (for many, less privileged) what was normal was not healthy, was not supportive, did not make for human flourishing.

We have read a lot about the negative economic and social consequences of the pandemic. But some people social distancing have been able to seize the opportunity to get more sleep. To be with their family members on a less frantic schedule. To spend more time cooking healthy food. To be outside more.

And perhaps we're seeing, out of the peaceful and respectful political protests, many protesters and police seeking common ground, many protesters assisting police with measures to contain expedient violence and looting. A new normal of listening.

Listening not simply from the assumption that my thinking is "right" so my listening to you is for the purpose of pointing out where you're wrong: but really listening.

A new normal of seeing what others deal with: day after day after day. When I listen differently, when I see differently: then my own thinking changes. And when many of us listen and see collectively and differently, human consciousness changes and evolves. From that place behind individual thinking. To a new normal. A better normal.

I don't have to fix it. I don't have to solve it all. But: I don't get to say (without listening, without seeing): "I tried and I failed so now I'm entitled to give up".

Thinking about it more? Doesn't help me figure it out. I don't need to figure it out. It will become obvious to me.

When I am listening and seeing. For clarity.

We can hope for a new normal. We can come to understand: that the new normal is what we really crave. For all of us. For our common humanity.

And: this listening and seeing may be the only way in which that new normal can arise.

Thank you HOLLYM48. We appreciate your moral leadership. .
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