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Day 4 Self-Isolation

Saturday, June 06, 2020

COVID-19 negative!

I figured that would be, since I did not feel that bad last week, but they had to do the test since I'm going into the hospital overnight for a sleep study. And wow, what an unpleasant test that was. My advice, if you have to get it done, is to relax as much as possible, don't stop breathing, just breath through your mouth, count if you have to, or ask the nurse to count out loud how long the thing has to be in your nose so you have that to focus on. It is not pleasant at all. and I had to clench my fists the last 4 seconds while trying to relax my upper body and breath through my mouth at the same time. Not easy. My instincts were telling me to get the thing out of my nose. The nurse had told me to sit on my hands if I needed to. I didn't think I would need to. I highly recommend doing this if you have to get the test done, because I had to battle with myself not to do this and it was too late to sit on my hands because I was afraid of moving.

So I'm at home, self-isolating. Bored. Oh, not too bored. FB messenger is a wonderful thing, I've talked to one of my besties face to face twice now, so good to see her smiling face. And I've gotten to talk to my other bestie a few time as well. Helps to fill the hours. I chat with one of them on a daily basis, and we call each other often. And I've been trying to keep busy.

I'm going to either have a game day or a craft day with my kids today. Play fetch in the back yard with my dog for a while, she needs the exercise. Then probably give her a bath and trim her nails, she needs it. Maybe fix some old jewelry that has broken. I found a great piece at a thrift store that I just love, even though it has some gold in it (I like silver colors not gold, don't know why, just do) and the front has a broken part that seems easily fixable, I love the colors, its obviously not real because I got it at a thrift store, but it looks like diamonds and rubies. Beautiful. Looks pretty enough to be real. I like beading. I need to look into getting some smaller metal wire, I bought some low grade peridot and it is so tiny, with itty bitty holes that it won't fit the normal size wire. Quite disappointing. I was so excited to be getting peridot! Don't care how low grade it is, I love the stuff! Alas, between the tiny chips and the small holes and my need of better glasses, I could not work with it.

I'm working on a crochet afghan right now, for my BFF. Red, white, and blue in a wool mix (or it may be pure wool, I'll have to look at the label again...) I could not do the usual Redhearts Supersaver that I do, it is scratchy even after being washed with some Downy. I want this afghan to be snuggly soft and something that she loves. I made the baseline way too long. I intended it to be horizontal stripes, but it may be vertical stripes because I made it so long! It is turning out beautifully. I decided on a granny stripe and am on the 2nd stripe of blue and that is doing two rows of each color starting with red. I love it. I am rewatching a show or listening to and Audible book while doing it, so I don't feel like I'm wasting time. It's hard to explain, I can't just do one thing. Unlike with sewing, which keeps my mind fully engaged the entire time (most of the time) crocheting is something that is just endless repeat, except for certain patterns where you have to be constantly counting. So, a book or an entertaining show I've seen or can easily watch while occasionally glancing at my work. Easy peasy.

Our church is actually meeting for the first time tomorrow, and I won't be able to go. I told DH that he and the kids can go. There will be tables and each group that comes together is to sit together and they are encouraging people not to gather or hug or shake hands but to disperse right after the meet. I'm sad I won't be able to go, and I think DH is not going because he wants me to be able to go with him and he doesn't want to risk bringing anything back, just in case. I hope that all goes well and that being together helps the church to feel more connected again. I don't do the zoom calls or anything, my anxiety is too much for that. I just don't feel comfortable with it.

I am trying to get some exercise in every day, but I have been battling a migraine for a few days now as well. I've been in bed a bit. But when I feel well enough to do so, I go walk on the treadmill. I prefer to walk the neighborhood in the early morning, but can't risk walking into someone who wants to chat, so must stay at home. I got in a full 30 minutes yesterday, my head was achy but not too bad, but I think the exercise was a bad idea because shortly afterwards my head felt like it exploded. It is not feeling so great right now. I'm tired of being in bed with cold packs on my head. That is boring. I do end up falling asleep, but then the day passes way too quickly and I don't get enough done, at least not for what I'm wanting to get done. I only missed one day of getting exercise, but I only got one day of getting the full 30 minutes that I want to get. Compromise. I'm not feeling my fullest, and it was a fluke that I got 30 minutes that day. I was so into the book I was listening to that I didn't realize I had made it to almost time till I was at 25 minutes and by that time I was willing to tough it out to get the full 30 minutes. I should not have, it was not worth the migraine that wallopped me afterwards. As the saying on my page says, I know my limits, I just don't pay attention to them. Not a good thing, but not always a bad thing, either.

I don't think I'll be exercising today, I already feel worn down. DH is not going to like it, but I think we need a different mattress. We have a memory foam mattress, fairly new, but it hurts my hips and back. I had a Sealy pillow top when we got together, and it lasted the whole time we've been married, plus the time I had it before we were married. Awesome bed. Then it started getting worn where we slept and causing what I have now, back and hip pain. I feel like I've been beat up when I wake up. I want another Sealy pillow top. Or something cushy like that. I like the memory foam pillows, but the whole mattress is killing my lower back and hips. DH likes it though. Personally, I hope we can save up and get a better mattress. I'm sure it is great for plenty of people, but not me.

Okay, LOL, I'll stop rambling. You can tell I'm bored right now, because I've rambled so much! Time to go do DuoLingo. I'm learning German. And when I say 'learning' I mean I can barely remember from one day to the next what it is I learned. But I am trying!! I'm on a 32 day streak!!



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    My mom and dad have a king bed that is really two single mattress tops. This way dad gets the squishy mattress he likes and mom gets the support. It is really cool, they pull outwards from the middle (at the bottom) so mom can make bed, change sheets, etc and then snap back together after.
    37 days ago
  • LIS193
    Great news testing negative!
    37 days ago
    My daughter had one and said it hurt!! So sorry you are still struggling so much with migraines. You sure do keep busy!
    37 days ago
    Good news about the test, and thank you for telling us about how it happens, too. We've seen a few clips on TV of a test, and it sure looks like they're swabbing a person's brain, but I know it's necessary in order to do it right. Anyway, you've got a good handle on lots of things-you're a great juggler! Take it easy; it's all going to be fine. emoticon
    37 days ago
    emoticon a negative COVID-19 test!!!! It sounds like you are filling your time well and have many plans. Have a great day!
    37 days ago
    Well glad your test was negative and thank you for the information about taking the test, too. Helpful. HUGS
    37 days ago
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