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My SparkList (Long Post)

Saturday, June 06, 2020

Activity: My SparkList
Choose 50 to 100 things you’d like to do in your lifetime and write them down. This can include:

Places to visit and why
Skills to learn
Experiences you’d like to have
Fun things you’d like to do
Books you’d like to read or topics you’d like to learn
Achievements you’d like to reach

1. Take Swimming lessons - I was taught on the banks of a creek and never really learned how to swim, this adds to my anxiety in water. I love being in the water and would love it more if I actually knew how to do more than doggy-paddle. This has been a dream of mine for a few years now, I was going to this year, but... virus.

2. Learn to speak German - currently doing so with DuoLingo. German is hard!! I've decided to slow down and not worry about the progress bar but about how much I retain. Lots of practicing what I have gone over so it sticks. I'm on day 32 of my streak of doing it every day!!

3. Start an exercise streak of at least 10 minutes of cardio every day. My goal was 30 minutes because that is where my Fitbit is set to and I can't figure out how to lower it, but 10 minutes ifs more reasonable, and if I get more than 10 minutes that is great!

4. Visit Seattle WA. That was where we were supposed to go this Summer with DH's work, and I was SO looking forward to it. I had looked up all the places I could walk to from where we would be staying and everything. Now I really want to go. Lots of walking involved, but it sounds like lots of fun and I bought new walking shoes for it too.

5. Visit Denmark. That is where my family on my Mom's side came from back in the late 1800's. I want to go and visit and see the things my Great Grandpa talked about. I may never know my distant cousins, but I can at least visit the country my Grandpa came from.

6. Crochet my first full blanket/afghan. I'm actually working on this for my BFF, it is slow going, but I can see some good progress. My biggest crochet project yet!!

7. Learn to cook better. My husband is a natural with cooking. Me, not so much. Trial and error, I know. If it involves a crockpot, I can do it, or roasting veggies I can do it. but cooking other things, I'm not the best cook in the world at all.

8. Bake more. This may seem contradictory to my way of eating now (Paleo) but I have made an exception that I can have some small portions of the bread I bake, because i love to bake so much and I don't want to cut off that part of me.

9. Go to Alaska. I've always wanted to visit there, I've heard it is breathtaking.

10. Learn to sew so well that I can not only make my own clothes but I can make custom costumes for my DD for Dragon-con and the like.

11. Learn wood working and home improvement skills

12. Learn how to teach my dog to obey more commands and skills. Perhaps work with a trainer and teach her more so that my next dog I'll know more of what to do.

13. Go on vacation to Hawaii

14. Learn how to crochet better so I can make more intricate things

15. Learn to Speak Korean

16. Become more organized in my housekeeping and time management skills

17. Lose enough weight to ride a roller coaster again. And ride a really big one!

18. Lose the weight and keep it off!

19. Have skin removal surgery after weight loss.

20. Have a breast reduction after weight loss.

21. Get a tattoo of a heartbeat (my heartbeat from my echo) and a semicolon for 'survivior' on my left wrist

22. Learn to shoot a gun better, go to the range with my husband more often and become a better shot.

23. More game nights with my family and spending time cooking and having fun together

24. Learn to play chess

25. Read more Shakespeare

26. Read more C. S. Lewis, current read is The Problem of Pain

27. Once things calm down and travel is 'safe' again, visit Europe. No cruises.

28. Learn to Geo Cache

29. Learn to paint rocks

30. Sew curtains for my house.

31. Go to the Azores

32. Visit every state in the United States Of America

33. Learn how to quilt.

34. Get good enough at sewing that I could turn it into a side hustle if i wanted to.

35. Learn how to hand sew for those small projects that can't be done with a machine.

36. Learn more about gardening and how to keep soil from eroding, terracing and landscaping. Our yard needs to be terraced.

37. Learn to cook specifically Korean and Japanese foods. I love them!!

38. Wood detail work, something I learned in high school, but would love to learn more about.

39. Beading. I have a very basic knowledge, but would love to learn more.

40. Care for wood floors, appliances and house maintenance. Sounds boorish, but I want to be able to take care of the house as much as I can without professional help as possible till it just needs it.

41. Read more history books and learn about the history of our nation. I love history and feel like I don't know enough about it.

42.Become as strong as I was physically when I was in my late 20's. As close to that as my bum knee will allow.

43. Become as flexible as I can, practice stretching and yoga/pilates

44. Keep as close relationships with my daughters as possible. This may be number 44 on the list, but it is number 1 in my heart.

45. Decorate the house. This may not seem like a biggy to some, you may have a decorated house, but I've bought pictures and I don't know how to get them up on the wall, need a level or something and DH won't do it for some reason and I'm tired of living like we are just renting. I want decorations and nice ones at that. I want the place to feel more like home. I want furnishings and... well, you get the idea.

46. Go deep sea fishing. Or any kind of fishing really. It has been so long since I have been fishing, I think I forgot how!!

47. Keep my relationship with my DH as strong as possible. Also a #1 in my heart, though it is towards the end of the list it is not end in my heart.

48. Swim (once I learn how) with dolphins. I love dolphins.

49. Go horseback riding. Learn to ride a horse.

50. Open an online store when I get good at sewing. Or, start going to craft fairs and see how that pans out.

emoticon I made it to 50!!! Honestly there is more, and I may write more in my personal journal tomorrow (I wrote this down in my personal journal while typing it out here on SP). Perhaps I'll reach a full 100!! I'd love to go to so many places, and I'd love to learn so many things. This is a just a dip of the toe in the water. COVID-19 really put a damper on my Summer plans. I wanted to start with myself and my kids learning how to swim better. But, I don't feel comfortable with a pandemic out there going into a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria where other people have been swimming. No, thank you. I'll wait another year. I didn't even add all the outdoor activities of hiking and such that I want to do. DH doesn't want me to go without him, and he doesn't want to go. So I'm kinda stuck. I want to do an overnight hike, once I build up to it and get in shape enough to do it. I don't think DH has any intentions of going on that long of hikes. I do. And this is one of my goals. I'll find a group to go with or something. There have to be groups of people that hike together for safety in numbers. I'll ask my BIL about it once I lose enough weight to start hiking on my knee. He hikes all the time, and is in a hiking group.

I'm off to bed, but I'm going to keep thinking about this list, and what else could go on it. I may do a follow up list tomorrow on here or in my journal. I don't think anything I've put is too far fetched. I doubt I'll learn both German and Korean, but I'm at least started on German and I'm enjoying learning it, even though it is difficult.

Oh, wow, it is almost midnight!! Off to bed with me before I turn into a emoticon LOL



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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm just catching up on all your blogs - don't know why I wasn't receiving the emails...plus depression, you know...
    I LOVE your list! Inspires me to do one too.
    25 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Great goals.
    64 days ago
    You know, in regard to the baking: once I got a handle on eating, portion control, etc., I've found that I can bake, make candy, all that stuff, and feel as good afterward-without eating any of it-as I did when I was overindulging. I focus on the creating, the smells, all the sensory pleasures with the exception of the eating. It's been working well for me. I just give the stuff away, if DH and DS can't eat it all. Or, I freeze it for later. I used to take lots of stuff to Latchkey, too, but I'm off work right now. Anyway, maybe that can work for you. emoticon emoticon
    64 days ago
    What a wonderful list! I speak German, and it is a difficult language, indeed!
    65 days ago
    65 days ago
  • LIS193
    Great list! So many things to look forward to
    65 days ago
    That's quite a list!
    65 days ago
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