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Four weeks in

Sunday, June 07, 2020

The first two weeks of online teaching were a nightmare but the second two weeks have been under control. I still can’t manage a day off because it’s more work to prepare. It’s not just me who says it’s hard work and draining, and I don’t feel inclined to search for positive aspects. It’s good for DH and I don’t miss the commute. Who knows, I may miss some aspects of it when normal teaching resumes in the autumn, which it surely must.

At the start of the pandemic, I was surprised at how non Japanese here and people abroad were so negative about Japan’s response to Covid. I’ve found people kind and stoical and I looked at my own past whingeing about life here and decided it was unnecessary. There’s nothing wrong with being critical if it’s reasonable, but I just decided to stop. I was ridiculous enough to counter what people said on Facebook and got some aggressive responses. I didn’t care.

So I’ve learnt something: It’s more peaceful not to be critical, at any rate of ordinary people.
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    You, and all my teacher friends have my undying devotion and admiration!
    230 days ago
    Margaret, I was puzzled by that, too. I didn't find much negative coverage on the Japanese handling of the virus myself, but my children were reading the Japanese newspapers and were reporting to me about the criticism from other countries. And I'm thinking, the death rate here is very low--what are they criticizing? And then yesterday, Kana told me that Foreign Minister Aso reported being contacted by some American agency seeking answers on why Japan's infection and death rates were so low. So outsiders' earlier criticism on Japan sure seems unwarranted in retrospect, I think. Nobody knows what will happen in the fall, but I just feel that the basal good health and fitness of the Japanese, the low obesity rate, the ubiquitous use of masks, the near-obsession with cleanliness--all that surely made a big difference and will continue to, I hope.

    I'm glad that online teaching has gotten a little easier for you. It was a good opportunity for you to hone your out-of-your-comfort-zone response. You should be proud of yourself for what you've accomplished! I'm afraid I might have quit out of frustration. I'm hoping you get a long summer vacation before you go back in the fall.

    231 days ago

    I trust that you are doing the best you can with what you have where you are and I admire your ability to work through the challenges of online teaching. Absolutely NOT easy! And MORE time consuming than face-to-face.
    231 days ago
    Sounds very challenging . . . and being unable to take any time off really signals just how challenging your new teaching regime actually is!!

    More time with DH and no commuting . . . only you can decide if that's a reasonable trade off for no time off.

    I've seen nothing negative about Japan's response to COVID (and I do follow the news quite assiduously) but I'm sorry you attracted some aggression. I believe every country AND every individual is just trying to figure out what to do as the information changes based upon scientific evidence . ..
    231 days ago
    It's a pity that reasonable people don't always feel able to express their opinion on social media. I had an experience of this last week. Two people (out of dozens) were being objectionable in a conversation. I had written a response, supporting the person they were criticising. Her view was perfectly reasonable - it just didn't match their view. However I dithered over the 'Submit' button and eventually deleted my comment without posting it. I just couldn't face them turning their aggression on me! I was ashamed of myself really. What's that phrase...? All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to stand by and do nothing, Something like that. It seems that the bullies have taken over some parts of social media and ordinary people don't feel they belong there. If I were a tougher cookie I'd take them on, but I'm a peace-loving introvert who can't handle confrontation so I cower.

    Sorry to unload my problem on you! All I meant to say was that I understand your thoughts about it being more peaceful not to be critical.

    I'm glad the teaching is going well. I know it was a challenge at first and I hope you are super-duper proud of yourself for getting to grips with it!

    231 days ago
    Goodness - what WAS Japan's response to covid? work from home, social distancing, closed borders? I thought that's what we all did. And I sure am not positive the US did the right thing - or any place else. I was in a dress shop this week and was not allowed to try on the dress. But I could bring it back if it didn't fit - which it did not. So - I wonder if they will quarantine the dress for 2 weeks?

    But I am glad you're finding teaching a little easier and if you can find the silver cloud lining - and having a wee bit more time with your DH sounds a little silvery to me - I bet you'll be glad of that now AND later. have you been able to skype, zoom or face-time with your GS. LOL - I know - he can't talk - but you can coo and say "awww" and he can get used to your voice.

    may every day grow easier for you. big hugs
    232 days ago
    I go with peace! Want way less drama in life so just live and let live! Glad it's getting easier. Hope you do Get to go back to school. Wondering if the numbers go up if they will keep schools closed here?
    232 days ago
    I so agree with your decision .
    232 days ago
  • EISSA7
    I guess every job has pros and cons but what you are doing sounds extremely trying and exhausting!! I remember spending weekends working on endless required forms and lesson plans for hours on end...I do not miss it even one iota! Cannot wait until you have the opportunity to retire; you have earned a rest! emoticon
    232 days ago
    Glad it’s getting better, as for the criticising, some people can only cope in times of hardship if they criticise, so that they can be absolved of any responsibility that might be theirs...
    232 days ago
    Good point. We can only control our own actions.

    I'm glad the teaching is coming along better, and I'm sure your DH is happy that you are home more. Not sure how long your commute was; when I worked I spent 2 hours each way on buses and trains. I was SO glad to retire.

    Canada still has many new cases of Covid-19 every day... almost 1,000/day, most of them in Ontario and Quebec. We live in Ontario, and the numbers are going back up as we reopen more businesses and people are less careful about social distancing and wearing masks. Ontario alone has plus/minus 450 new cases every day up from 350 or so when people were more careful. The way we are going, we will be into the second wave of Covid-19 in the fall without ever leveling out.

    Be safe, be careful,
    232 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    232 days ago
  • MOMMY445
    Hugs. Have a great day!
    232 days ago
    Amen to that last sentence!

    232 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/7/2020 11:39:07 AM
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