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Monday, June 08, 2020

One of the values of blogging is processing your own journey. My blog two days ago was processing my own weight loss journey. I didn't tell you about every little diet or program, just the major ones that were successes and stand out for me. It's a way to get the big picture of what worked and what didn't and the ones that were more long term. Something I didn't tell you was that when I lost 30 lbs with Sparkpeople doing my version of moderate carb and calorie counting, it took me ten years to gain the weight back. I kept it off for most of that ten years. Other times I took weight off and kept it off, it was for years. So, that is a test of what has worked. I could go into the changes I had in those ten years that contributed to gaining weight, but that's another blog.

Today, I want to focus on some things I realized as I thought about my journey. First, it's easy to get caught up in what others have done and what seems to work for them. We can learn from their successes, but it doesn't mean we have to copy what they have done.

So, what I realized was....
Moderate carb is good for me. I do best with moderate carb, which means that I eat carbs. I just have to watch them and limit them.
Portions are important. That means all foods.
Tracking is important.
Eating a balanced diet that is rich with variety.
Eating plant based doesn't have to be a complete diet, but it's good to have lots of plants in your diet.
For me, it's still a mixture of programs. It doesn't matter what your programs are as long as they provide variety and work for you and are sustainable.

Programs I've incorporated include:
Keto Friendly South Beach Diet to keep carbs moderate.
WW zero point food lists to help keep the focus on lean, low glycemic foods without sacrificing entire food groups.
Calorie and Carb cycling to keep things interesting.
Sparkpeople calorie tracking to keep me honest.

I am intrigued by the minimalism movement, simple living movement and the slow living movement. To bring my diet into that realm, is to keep things simple in my choices and eating what's seasonal. When I was losing weight before, I had two boys at home and the foods we ate were what two growing boys would eat. I learned to build my diet around foods that met all our needs. The key was to keep things simple. Life is different now, but that is still the key.

The journey still continues.
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