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Waaah, I don't wanna

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Five days off because our company is requiring all employees to take at least that many days of vacation before the end of June. I've been working alternate days in the office (by myself) and the other days remotely. My coworker is doing the same. That way, there's someone there to answer phones, direct workmen, receive packages, but exposure is limited. The rest of our team members are all working remotely 100%.

Was angry at first about having to take vacation. Not typically the way I schedule it, but after being at my job 19 years, I have six weeks to use annually and always struggle with getting them in. You can only roll over 40. So this helps, I guess, by using up some days. However, we don't get separate sick time, so if you are sick you have to use PTO. Because of that and being 65 years young with a multitude of health issues, I try to hang on to some days in case I get sick. I'm rarely off work due to illness, though.

Another reason I was unhappy was, "what to do?" DH can only take off Friday. The bank account is slim. Oh, did I mention my company has also reduced everyone's salary by 10%, supposedly for three months only? Uh-huh. However, I'm so grateful to still have a job and DH is working, too. The "what to do" is followed with "how to pay for it." We golf and we fish. Then we go to work and we golf and fish. LOL I could be content adding a few things that don't cost $, but that would not work for DH.

I don't want to spend all my time off doing chores and housework, but it does give me the opportunity to tackle some small projects I've put off due to lack of time. Remember - work, golf, fish - rinse, repeat. So, Good Housekeeping home of the month, we're not. How does a place get so dirty when you're frequently not there?

Speaking of chores and housework, I have a bit more to do before our tee time. DH had to work a few hours this morning, so he's not home yet. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Take care.

Donna G
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