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Day 56: Overwhelmed with Everything

Thursday, June 25, 2020

emoticon I've been pretty overwhelmed with stuff to do lately. I've been trying to get our bedroom and the rest of the house all organized and go through Fritzy's toys and get rid of the ones he doesn't want to keep and organize the ones he does want to keep and do the same thing with my stuff and I've been helping my grandma organize her stuff, too. Along with just the normal cleaning I do and laundry, cooking, etc. Since I've been feeling a lot better with these rehabilitative exercises I've been doing, it's been easier to get work done. But by the end of the day my ribs are usually hurting me a LOT. I was down in the basement sorting through toys today and my ribs were absolutely killing me I thought I was going to die so I had to sleep all afternoon and just woke up at 6PM. I did manage to bring up 4 bags of toys, though, and get rid of a tote of them. So I've got a lot of things I'm doing right now and I've been getting a lot of activity so I haven't been on Spark as much. I'm going to try to catch up a little bit but it will be hard to cover everything that's been going on.

emoticon Nutrition: I haven't really been focusing on nutrition too heavily lately. I've been so busy with all the work I've been doing that I've been super hungry lately and eating a lot more food. I'm still eating fruits and veggies and even opened an industrial size can of pears and put a few tupperware containers in the freezer and one in the fridge. I have also been eating a few more treats than usual. But today I did have a really nice salad that had tomatoes and peppers in it that I really enjoyed and I stayed within my calorie range.

emoticon Fitness: As you could guess, I've really been getting a lot of fitness. I've been exercising and doing a lot of different exercise videos and I've also been getting a ton of steps. I've been getting so many steps that I raised my step goal to 6,000 steps per day. That's double what I started out with (my step goal was 3K to start with) I've been doing a lot of chores as well and just doing more to help out around the house as long as I can physically do that.

emoticon Water: I haven't been tracking water but I'm trying to drink more. I drink a lot of sparkling water these days. But trying to drink more regular water. I've been pretty busy and drinking a lot of coffee these days. Not nearly as much soda so that's an improvement. The sparkling water I drink is 0 sugar 0 sodium 0 carbs 0 calories so that's definitely better than soda.

emoticon emoticon Cigars: I have cigars right now (2 pks), but Fritzy and I have come up with a good plan for how to help me to quit. I put my money jar right next to my desk where I can see it all the time and see the money piling up and we have little clothespins in different colours that I can clip on the jar that mark the hardest days of quitting that I make it through. I also am sharing his candy cigarettes with him that help me to feel like I am smoking even though they are just candy.

emoticon Meditation: I have my 2 meditation programs all ready to go plus my meditation album ready to go so I am ready to meditate 3 x a day as long as I can find the time. I'm trying to budget my time these days even though I've been so busy cleaning and exercising and then end up being so exhausted and sore that I just go to sleep. So I'm trying to balance my days a little bit better.

emoticon Sleep: I'm going to sleep earlier which I've found works a lot better for me. Then I can wake up a lot earlier and I like that kind of schedule. I like to go to sleep usually around 3-5 PM and then get up at 9 or 10 PM and be up for the day.

emoticon Motivation: My motivation right now is making the house as beautiful as I can and trying to get up to 10-12K a day. That's my big goal atm. I'm trying to help everyone else in the house decorate along with myself because other people aren't as good at decorating as I am and their rooms are pretty disorganized. We all have a lot of nice things but everyone's rooms look really cluttered. My room was cluttered because I was in a lot of pain and not able to bend down to clean. Now that I'm in better shape I was able to get my room looking really beautiful. Now I'm able to organize my own room and start to help everyone else (who don't know how to organize) do up their rooms and make them look nice. My cousin Delta can clean but she just throws everything into boxes and my grandma likes to decorate but she's just not as good at it as I am and my aunt is just very disorganized but likes to buy things (she's got hoarding tendencies). So there's a lot of cleaning to do everyday. But another part of my motivation is getting my writing going again and starting to produce new material and spend some time being more creative again. With all the decorating and organizing I'm doing, I'm feeling super creative so I'd like to spend some time organizing thoughts as well as things.

emoticon Non-Scale Victory: My nonscale victory today was climbing stairs. I'm much more agile now than I was before. I was able to climb up and down the stairs multiple times to get up and down from the basement to haul bags of toys that we sorted through and I would not have been able to do that a few months ago--let alone have the energy or motivation to even think about doing that sort of thing.

emoticon Writing: I sent Perry (my editor) a new short story that I thought he might be interested in and also sent him a new photo to use when he publishes my work so hopefully he'll start using that one. It's a much more updated photo (I took it yesterday!) instead of one with me with a pixie cut. So at least that's a start at getting back into writing. These days I'm getting nonstop emails from writing contests and unfortunately I spent my reading fee money on other things (like VR games and kitchen stuff) so I don't have any reading fee money right now but hopefully will again soon. At the time I just wasn't in the mood to write and wanted to use the money for other things.

emoticon Healthy Coping: I have been doing a little better with coping although it's taking me a while to learn. I have bought a new waterfall incense burner with cone incense for it and a bunch more stick incense plus a new candle and those have been helping me to relax plus listening to a lot of ambient music. I'm going to be meditating a lot more as well. I have my shrine done up really nice now (I'll post a pic of it later) and my zafu and zabuton (meditation cushion) set up in my room plus my yoga blanket. So things are good in that respect. I'm also journaling more. And spending more time talking with my aunt and grandma and even Fritzy and my cousin.

So that's all for now. More later! emoticon
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    Sounds like you are very busy and on the right track. Good job. HUGS and have a good weekend.
    43 days ago
  • ATHENA2010
    Sounds like you have a lot going on! It is great that you were able to get rid of so many toys, even though your ribs were hurting so much. It is really hard to keep things clean and organized when you have a lot (my mom is a hoarder so I have always struggled with that). I also love hearing that you are writing again, and have an editor. I always planned on writing but kept putting it off. Now I feel like it is too late for me. Hang in there and keep going for your goals! You are making great progress - and that is what counts in the long run! emoticon
    44 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/25/2020 11:17:44 PM
  • KAYDE53
    Hang in there!
    44 days ago
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