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Day 57: Fritzy's Doing Boxing!

Friday, June 26, 2020

emoticon So I mentioned before that Fritzy gained a bit of weight over the spring and this summer is trying to take the weight off and get in shape. His dad is worried about his weight and part of it is that he is growing and is of course going to gain some weight, but we are still making sure that he is active and doing more than just watching videos all summer. So I have gotten him boxing gloves and a punching bag and he is super excited about having a boxing routine now. He is going to box 3 times a week. We went to Walmart today and he picked up a tank top to wear for swimming and for exercising and got some hair products so he can fix himself up nice (he is getting more into hygiene, too), and we got a couple of cases of sparkling water since we are drinking much more sparkling water and regular water now.

emoticon Nutrition: Nutrition has been a complete mess. I haven't been tracking and my eating has been really abysmal. I've been eating a lot of sugar and not many fruits or veggies although I've been drinking quite a bit of sparkling water instead of soda. I have been taking in too many calories as well although I've been very active so I'm always starving at the end of the day. I've resolved to start tracking my calories today and plan my meals right away tomorrow morning and stick to a routine again and start cooking healthy meals again even though I'm very busy.

emoticon Fitness: I'm doing the kind of fitness that makes me sweat. I've been getting quite a few steps lately (got 5500 today) and still working out. I did some low impact chair exercises today and that went really well. Tomorrow is yoga and the exercises are helping me to feel a lot better and I've noticed I'm walking better in the stores. It's also easier for me to bend and pick up things. My carpal tunnel has been really bad, though. I have to wear braces on my wrists now to keep them my fingers from going numb and being in bad pain.

emoticon Water: I still haven't been tracking water but doing better about drinking it.

emoticon Cigars: I spent all my change on Fritzy's purchases at Walmart so I can't buy any more cigars. So now I will have to see how it goes.

emoticon Meditation: Hoping to meditate and catch up on a lot of things tonight.

emoticon Sleep: Sleep is still pretty good. I'm sleeping when I get too exhausted or sore to do anymore and feeling rested afterwards so I know I'm getting enough.

emoticon Motivation: My motivation right now is getting back to healthy eating. I want to start cooking and eating healthy food again and measuring and weighing all of my food. I've been off track for a while and it's time to really commit to the nutrition part of my journey again.

emoticon Non-Scale Victory: My nonscale victory today was walking all through the entire Walmart and not feeling like I was going to die from rib pain. I actually enjoyed myself in the store. So that was pretty nice.

emoticon Writing: My story about the Mahshivaratri festival got rejected. I thought it was a really good story so I will look for somewhere else to send it. Maybe I will send it to Perry.

emoticon Healthy Coping: I have some work to do with my coping skills and will focus more on that in the coming weeks.

So that's all for now. More later! emoticon emoticon
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