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Pamper Day, Plans, and Getting Back On Track!!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

I feel so thoroughly pampered and the day is not even over yet! I got up early (insomnia stinks) and wandered the internet till a reasonable time to leave before my appointment for my hair, which was at 10 (I left at 0730), and got some Starbucks and waited for the Dollar Tree near there to open. I had not been to that store before and I spent more time wandering than I thought I had! Grabbed some cards for my best friends, some stickers because I love them, and a pen and a few little notebooks, because who can't have enough little notebooks? Then I drove across the parking lot to the Ulta and journaled and drank the rest of my frap while waiting for the doors to open. Here are the before pictures:

The lady that took care of me, really took good care of me!! She made sure she understood exactly what I wanted, and she really knew how to deal with thin hair too! She was their thin hair expert. She made me feel pampered and relaxed and I was so excited to see the outcome!! Other than having to wear a mask, it was well worth it! After pictures:

Then for good measure I took one at home without the mask, LOL This is the first time in 14 years I've had highlights done. I have not had highlights in my hairs since I married my husband.

Now tonight I intend to not wash my hair, it has been through enough for one day, but wash my body, do a face mask, maybe a foot soak and shave and lotion and all that good stuff and keep up the pampering after dinner. I'll wait to do my nails till tomorrow. I'm going to pick out what outfit I'm going to wear to therapy on Monday and then do my nails to match. Friday I'll redo my nails red and blue for 4th of July.


emoticon I'm hoping to be able to work out 5 days a week, but realistically I need to set the bar a little lower. Not too low. So my new goal is a little off beat. My New goal is to work out 30 minutes 3 times a week and 10 minutes the other 2-3 days a week. If I do more, great! If I am just wore out or pressed for time and can't do more, that is fine, I've met my goal. And that can be treadmill (right now it is raining so much that is my only option) or walking the dog or going to the park to walk.

emoticon As far as steps go I had really started ramping them up... then my illnesses starting calling. So my daily goal of getting 7.5 steps is unrealistic on those days. But, if I'm getting at least 10 minutes cardio that is 1 k steps for me usually, and I generally get 3-4 k steps so I think asking myself to get 5k steps a day is fair. I am up and moving a lot more than I used to be and I think I can do that unless it is a migraine day. And those days I don't expect much anyway.

As far as strength training goes I'm starting out light, but I have a DVD that I'm wanting to start doing a little bit of every day and work my way up to where I can do the whole DVD. But realistically I'm starting with chair and standing exercise videos on SP that I find on youtube and have put into 'folders' so that I can find them easily, and I'm always looking for more, especially ones for abs that are not too difficult to start out. My abs need a lot of work. So do my glutes.

I bought new water bottles that are strictly for water. I'm actually getting my water plus some in some days because I have it with me, and I'm doing a water challenge, so it is on my mind a lot. I also recently bought new shoes just for walking, but am finding that wearing them around the house helps support my feet and my feet ache less. They are not very pretty. I call them my granny shoes, LOL. I have two teens, I don't feel old enough to be a granny, yet one of my best friends is a granny three times over!!

Sunday (tomorrow) is my day of rest, but, I am not going to keep that from me getting at least 10 minutes of time on the treadmill. I also have a habit of when my anxiety gets too bad I'll go lay down, but the other day I did the opposite I went and worked that anxiety out on the treadmill and listened to a book take my mind off of it and when that didn't work I blared heavy metal music through my headphones. I felt exhausted, but it felt better than going and curling into a ball and sitting with my thoughts. It probably won't work for every situation, but it worked for that one, so I'm going to try it again next time my anxiety gets that bad. I'm hoping I can talk DH into buying a punching bag soon. That would be very cathartic.

Well, I'm planning on officially starting on Monday. The author of Atomic Habits says the start of a new month or a new week bring hope, so we'll go with that. Monday.

Hope you all are having a GREAT weekend!!! emoticon emoticon


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