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Thursday, July 02, 2020

So exciting! 2.9 pounds away from the 160's! It's true moderation, measuring my food, portion control, nutrition tracking and weight loss go together! All diets come down to the same thing a calorie deficit. When I wanted to hit the 170's I went hard for a few days chugging Slimfast and bam did it May 28th. Now I am on the brink of the 160's and did a review of what I am doing right and what I need to improve on.

Food. I am not an evening snacker but recently 3 chocolate popsicles (total 150 calories) became an important part of my after dinner routine. OK if I can't cut back to one, when these are gone don't buy more. But let's not miss the point I don't need to eat after dinner. The next evening I added a dessert to my dinner, a pureed frozen banana with a tbsp of cocoa and splenda (think chocolate ice cream). It was delicious and I did not eat after dinner. Last night I didn't eat after dinner. I am going to count that as 2 nights in a row no snacking.

Continue the same make ahead breakfast - 1/4 c. yogurt, 1/4 c. cottage cheese, 1/4 c. unsweetened plum sauce, and 1 tbsp. wheat germ. No effort, no decision making, 150 calories. It satisfies me and at noon I don't feel very hungry.

I will continue to prepare some meals in advance so fewer meal decisions and the work is already done. Stop wandering into the kitchen and thinking what I do I 'feel' like eating? I don't usually snack but I should have some planned snacks should I need them. Focus on low-calorie-density foods which allows me to eat a larger volume of food while still cutting back on calories.

Sleep. Still need sleep meds to get to sleep. Usually waking during the night for an hour or so. The other night, no meds and I couldn't sleep. I later wandered into the kitchen and ate - WASA, pickled herring, peanut butter & jam, cheez whiz lite. Total 446 calories I didn't need. That's why I need a sleeping aid.

Exercise. Today 36 consecutive days of videochat & YouTube exercise! Afternoon walking at the dog park.

My home project - I am continuing to optimize the space in my home. Currently reorganizing items in entrance area. I can see having the whole house done little by little. It may take all year but yes I have the time.


Temptation Bundling = Link something you want + Something you should do. Makes it a habit and fun.

Habit Bundling = Current Habit + New Habit. Couple an instantly gratifying want with a should behavior.

1) Listen to an audiobook/Walk the dog
2) Watch TV/Go to bed earlier.
3) Good weigh ins/Slimfast when weight stalls
4) Daily videochat with friends/YouTube exercise at 11 AM
5) Like to eat/Track calories in Spark, since May 15.
6) Morning weigh in/Improve on meal plan for the day
7) Eating/Make ahead and portion meals
8) Eating/Pull out recipes I will actually be using, then prepare grocery list
9) Read news on phone/stay in bed during night
10) Listen to a recorded TV documentary/Prepare food for future meals

I am ready for the 5% Challenge.
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