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Day 68: Feeling Better

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

emoticon Feeling well enough to start getting back on track again. Had to rest for a few days because I was in too much pain in my ribs to do anything so that's really become part of my usual routine. I do as much as I can for as long as I can and then I rest for as long as I need to. I did end up losing quite a bit of weight as the swelling went down while I was resting, but now I need to get active again and am not sure what my weight will do now that I am going to start moving again. Right now I don't know where my Fitbit charger is. So it looks like next month I'm going to have to order some new chargers. But for now I'm going to wear my old Fitbit since I have the charger for that one.

emoticon Nutrition: Nutrition hasn't been planned or tracked in a while. I haven't been eating a whole lot lately or very nutritious food. I've just been eating whatever I can grab really fast because I haven't felt well. So I'm going to get back on track with food starting today and get some meals planned and start cooking again. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow so I'll be able to get a bunch of healthy food as well.

emoticon Fitness: I've been taking it pretty easy with fitness. I did some easy chair exercises yesterday and not walking as much. It helped the swelling in my ankles go down but now I'm going to start being more active again so we'll see how all that pans out.

emoticon Water: I have to get back to tracking water and although I've been drinking more water, definitely not enough. So it's back to working on water and keeping better track of it in general.

emoticon Cigars: Back to putting money in the money jar and working on quitting smoking, as well. I kind of lost track of it for a while but I'm redoubling my focus and getting back on a good track with quitting smoking and with cutting back on soda, etc.

emoticon Meditation: Going to start focusing more on meditation and being healthier and reducing stress.

emoticon Sleep: Been getting a lot of sleep, probably too much. So going to work on being more productive and trying to sleep less.

emoticon Motivation: My motivation today is getting back on track and getting back to my normal routine. It's always difficult to get into the swing of things at first but once you get going then it feels good again.

emoticon Non-Scale Victory: My nonscale victory lately is that I am starting to feel more positive about the way I look and have more self esteem. I don't get down on myself as much anymore and that is a good thing!

emoticon Writing: My editor invited me to join another one of his magazine groups so I know I need to get back to writing. I just haven't felt that inspired lately and have been so busy with other things. But I'm thinking of putting some money for reading fees in the bank next month and starting on some new stories.

emoticon Healthy Coping: I have been burning incense and spraying good smelling air freshener as a way of helping me to feel less stressed. I have been pretty on edge lately and needing to de-stress. So as a way of coping that doesn't involve food or smoking, I am going to burn some more incense this morning and do a journaling exercise.

So that's all for now. More later! emoticon emoticon
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