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Shout out to DOVES EYES on Resilience!!

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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

I really appreciated the wisdom of DOVES EYE's comment on that resilience blog yesterday! She wrote:

"Resilience has only come in the last decade for me, in working on my weight it exposed my thoughts and feelings about myself. Was I the person others said I was or not?

I was more of a soft boiled egg :) easily crushed :)

The thoughts, motivation to lose weight, to exercise, to think about why came when it was for me ... not to please or do it for an occasion.

I was worth it for me and my family :) "

For me too, working on weight issues --- and in particular moving away from the tracking and calorie counting mind set to a more intuitive approach -- has been very helpful in identifying my own innate resilience.

Again from the Michael Neill/Cathy Casey conversation, "Creativity on Demand": it's not the quick, frantic, buzzing mind full of thoughts which is the source of creativity. Sure, creative accomplishments may occur: but more in spite of rather than because of such thinking!!

It's the quiet mind, when we slow down, which is the source of "wisdom" -- not "wisdom" in some elevated intellectual kinda way, just that sense of "Yeah, I knew that, I knew it all along".

We just know.

Innate wisdom.

Intuitive wisdom.

Simple stuff, self-evident stuff. Easy stuff. That we can relax into. Learn to trust.

And for me, that's included knowing what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, when to stop eating.

All part of self-care.

Because when we don't take care of ourselves, we're drawing from an empty well when it comes to taking care of others.

To mix my metaphors (and metaphors are always the loosest form of logic, but often for all that the most persuasive . . . ):

I've been reading summer salad recipes that call for soft boiled eggs: sometimes referred to as "jammy eggs"! And although I haven't tried any just yet . . . they do look so bright and pretty against the dark green salad leaves!! I'm not really wanting to be "hard boiled" anyhow, ya know!!

And, ya know -- egg shells are really outstanding in "compressive" strength . . .

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • GABY1948
    emoticon blog..... emoticon emoticon

    I truly do like it but have a bit of a way to go to it
    33 days ago
    36 days ago
    All part of self-care.

    Which is a true lesson worth putting forth the time and effort to learn.

    I'm learning!!!

    Coz I'm worth it.
    36 days ago
  • NANCY-
    I'm at the point where I am saying I know this or should know this. Implementation is my issue.
    36 days ago
    Great thought provoking post. Thank you.
    36 days ago
    When you let go and don't try too hard, its amazing what will come to you. Its like athletes being in the zone. Things just fall into to place when you don't overthink things. If you are trying to think of something you forget, stop trying and later it just comes to you. When you are in a totally relaxed state that is when your bets thinking occurs. That is why always the suggestion to be in the moment. I played my best bridge games when I was relaxed, not worrying about the outcome or what my partner would think. If I followed my 'intuition' I would do very well, but if I tried to overthink something it went poorly. My first though always turned out to be the correct one.
    Here is to letting life flow as it may.
    36 days ago
    36 days ago
    Wow thanks, your blogs are so great, like a stream that goes past drawing you along as it bubbles away. Quiet, able to think....

    PS I have added cooked egg shells to my menu ( a tiny portion crushed in butter and find my teeth and bones like it a lot better than the calcium I could buy with rock in it :)
    36 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/8/2020 1:03:31 AM
    Bet you know that I LOVED the physorg link!!! Both the physicist and egg lover in me are pleased. emoticon

    Ironically, I had not been willing to track or give consideration to food at all until I thought about food being a form of nourishment. And then the question became: What am I choosing to nourish myself? And, what supports me best? The tracking has simply helped me answer those questions. And, given that I've had a body highly reactive to food since birth, tracking has been a useful source of information, especially when the docs start asking me questions.

    It has been really interesting to see how much the caloric intake has varied over the years depending on what's going on for me (physical activity, health, etc.) I've seen months where the nutritional intake has averaged less than 1300 kcal per day and months during which that nutritional intake has averaged in excess of 2400 kcal per day for months at a time. Those levels have been primarily intuitively driven.

    Given the health challenges I've experienced, I am quite pleased with my ability to nourish my body more consciously (tapping into that body wisdom) and sustain a relatively steady weight. Although, my weight does fluctuate outside the parameters considered healthy. Not surprising, since I continue to live with health challenges that directly impact weight.

    What's funny to me is that I have learned what healthy weight trends are for me and when I start to see those trends 'out of line' so to speak, they serve as a caution flag or indication that there's been a 'disturbance in the force'.

    37 days ago
  • THOMS1
    37 days ago
    This blog makes me think...
    37 days ago
    Deep thoughts. In this time of pandemic they are worth the time to think on them! emoticon
    37 days ago
    37 days ago
    Great blog!
    37 days ago
    I agree!
    37 days ago
    Interesting experiment with the egg!! Quite an analogy!!
    37 days ago
    37 days ago
    You are 'a good egg' - nice to be called.

    Good egg is a friendly, old-fashioned way to talk about a good guy or a kind person. When you call your next door neighbor a good egg, it's clear that you're fond of her. The expression originally came from its opposite, bad egg, British public school slang from the 1800's for someone who was not nice.
    37 days ago
    Learning to trust that wisdom that comes in the quiet. That's a biggy.

    37 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    37 days ago
    Love the egg shell explanation in the link!

    I had never heard of this analogy before, but have heard of the analogy of being like water -- it is soft, it is fluid in movement, and gentle but can be strong enough to cut a canyon, through rock. Yes, I think we are all both parts of what water is -- soft, yet strong in the midst of change/challenge. Taht's how we durvive.

    Great blog.
    37 days ago
    Yes! Our bodies know what they need to be strong and healthy - we just need to listen.

    And that article about egg shells is really interesting. (Though I need my eggs really well done, whether scrambled, omeletted, or boiled.)
    37 days ago
    Definitely a mix of inborn and acquired skills!
    37 days ago
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