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Day 72: Seizing the Day

Saturday, July 11, 2020

emoticon We spent a little bit of time enjoying our new tv and watching some shows and I caught up on sleep after the busy few days that I'd had, and now I'm ready to start taking on more and getting back into the swing of things. Fritzy and I ate a lot of junky food while we were enoying out television, but I have slowly been getting back to eating healthy food and tracking and planning again.

emoticon Nutrition: Yesterday I was way too high on calories, but I did end up tracking everything towards the end of the day. And I did eat quite a few fruits and veggies yesterday. I'm back to planning and tracking now and should be on a better eating track. I have a lot more healthful activities to focus on now so it should be easier to focus on healthful eating as well.

emoticon Fitness: I'm pretty sure my Charge 2 is broken. So I need to find my charger for my Charge 4 so I can start using it again and I need to get another Fitbit to have as a backup Fitbit. So right now I'm not exactly sure how many steps I've been getting but I think around 3-4K. I haven't really been exercising either. So I need to get back to being more active again.

emoticon Water: Still pretty much at a standstill with water. Haven't been tracking it but been drinking a bit. Not as much as I'd like to be, but some. Would probably drink more if I made an effort to track it.

emoticon Cigars: It's been REALLY tough but I haven't been smoking. I've been doing pretty well and going to start relying on candy cigarettes for a while and see if that helps my cravings for smokes.

emoticon Meditation: Really need to get back to meditating. It's been a while since I've done a session and I feel kind of far away from it right now.

emoticon Sleep: Been getting lots of sleep lately and mostly what I've been doing lately is either watching tv or sleeping. It's been some good rest, though, to help me get my energy back so I can do the things I really want to do.

emoticon Motivation: My motivation right now is wanting to feel better. I've had so much pain in my back and ribs that taking the time to rest and relax has helped me to get to the place where I CAN start to do more and doing more rehabilitative exercises helps me to be in better shape for that kind of thing.

emoticon Non-Scale Victory: My nonscale victory lately is actually not smoking at all. I've even washed out my ashtrays and am using them for other things.

emoticon Writing: I really have no news with writing atm.

emoticon Healthy Coping: I've been putting up more of my carnevale masks and that's been pretty therapeutic. It helps me to feel and express my feelings more. And of course been burning my incense. Now that I don't have smoking to cope it would be easy to go to eating but instead I'm determined to actually feel my feelings and see what comes of that.

So that's all for now. More later! emoticon
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