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Just more photos and another lovely walk!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

More of the same? But, oh, so lovely and SO good to get out into the countryside. This was a fabulous walk - lots of really steep hills, lovely green fields shining in the sunshine, the sea sparkling, lovely old granite stiles, wild flowers, butterflies, bees, a huge dragonfly - and loads of other things I didn't spot.

I was out for about 3.5 hrs - and didn't stop for more than 5 mins to eat my pineapple chunks on this lovely bench - so inviting - with a view right over Mousehole harbour and Mounts Bay. Can you see what it says? REST AND BE THANKFUL

The walk took me down paths that I wouldn't have ventured down without the directions - that's the beauty of the iWalkCornwall walks - they're just a bit different. I couldn't complete the whole walk because I reached a point where I had to cross a field to get to the other side, and there was a herd of cows (baby boy ones) right in front of the gate where I wanted to go - there was no option to walk round them, or take another route (big PRIVATE! signs up). So I had to retrace my steps a bit, and take another footpath - which was OK.

During the first part of my walk I'd felt so relaxed and free - smiling and breathing deeply. When I approached Mousehole I could hear it before I got there - the people, the cars, the motorbikes, the boat engines - it wasn't crowded in the way that the big beaches are, but it's a small place, so it soon gets busy. There were big groups of people walking around together - I can't believe they're all in 'one household' and they certainly weren't social distancing! There were some groups that were obviously families, but others that patently weren't! At one point a group of 10 young women passed me on the path - what was that about?! I stood back and waited for them to pass.

One thing I think I noticed is that people in groups don't notice single people so well. We're kind of invisible or inconsequential. I guess they're wrapped up in their group and just don't pay attention. The people who stand aside, or say 'thank you' when I stand aside or wait, are usually single people, or older couples. Anyway, the sad bit was that the last section of my walk was heavily 'peopled' which kind of left me feeling less relaxed. I was glad to get home!

[I just put on my mask when I see a group coming - and I feel like a bit of an alien! I was the only person wearing a mask out today actually. I saw one person waiting for a bus who had a surgical mask hanging from her hand (they're mandatory on public transport).]

the wild begins

an empty lane - bliss! me in my happy place!

everything is uphill from Newlyn - but worth it for the view - that lush green grass too!

a magical tree-tunnel

and an interesting granite stile - looks a bit like an armchair!


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