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Sobering News

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Oh yes.

Early morning. Sitting on the verandah with dear Henry and DH and sipping coffee and reading the newspaper.

It's a beautiful fresh temperature with the slightest bit of cooling breeze. Billowing my Canadian flag. Wafting the smell of my bright pink bergamot (beebalm) which I planted close by: and for just that purpose.

Exchanging an amused glance with DH as Henry sticks his head through the Chippendale verandah fretwork to slurp loudly out of the bird bath: which was NOT placed there for that purpose!! But: he's careful enough. It doesn't tip over.

And then noticing as Henry lies down peaceably and rests his chin comfortably on the lowest fretwork to gaze contentedly across the lawn. Just like beloved Charlie used to do. Listening for the cardinals. And the chickadees. (Henry is definitely a birding dog!) A little bit alert for rabbits, maybe. But he's not going anywhere. Quietly companionable.

In the present? An abundance of pleasures. Nothing to worry about. Eudaimonia. Flourishing!

But but but . . the COVID-19 news is sobering. So sobering. The number of cases and the number of deaths south of the border, with the reopening of the economy. The WHO warning that the second phase (assuming we are out of the first phase) will only be worse. The report from Italy that this is NOT a simple respiratory infection . . . that even after "recovery" from an apparently mild case, the systemic effects on the body can be widespread, and may include organic brain issues and renal issues and heart issues, all related to the effect of the virus on constricting the blood vessels.

I am doing all that I can: masking, sanitizing, social distancing, staying home altogether as much as possible.

Appropriate worry about the future. Resulting in appropriate caution.

I cannot do more.

I wish others would do more. But that's out of my control.

What makes it unspeakably and tragically sad is that life is so worth living. In the present.

And so: what I can best do to honour that truth? That gift?

Live the best life I can. In the present. Ming mu. No regret.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    185 days ago
    I can only hope and pray that someone takes these United States in hand and lays down the law about the wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently and distancing.(((HUGS)))
    192 days ago
    Sobering news is not easy to take sober.
    192 days ago
  • LIS193
    We cannot control what happens outside of our little “corner” but we can make that little corner as peaceful and safe as possible, taking care of our minds and bodies.
    194 days ago
    Patience. Yes. That seems to be the birthday gift we ought all to be asking for. And kindness - especially towards those who lash out from a base of fear. This is definitely the summer of cutting some slack.

    in the mean time - I am still appreciating my sense of pronoia.
    194 days ago
    Lovely morning :) and so true we can only do our part and hope others are doing theirs ...
    194 days ago
  • -RUBIES-
    Your morning with your husband and Henry sounds like it was a peaceful, relaxing one.
    194 days ago
    194 days ago
    Absolutely agree!!! And the re-opening of schools is just crazy - it's the ONLY thing the US did that slowed the spread of this virus, so why would we stop doing this???

    Just so frustrating to do everything we can, and our stupid government undermines it again and again.

    Okay, breathe. Enjoy the now. Breathe.
    194 days ago
    Fortunately, the state of Maine has been only lightly impacted. We hope to insist tourists stay masked while they are in state. We hope not to need to revert to stage I opening like California has recently had to do. Stay healthy, practice safesix and stay alive!
    194 days ago
    Total lack of guidance, contradictory advice, no uniform response - is this a surprise we are in such a mess?
    194 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    It is truly a mess. I'm glad I don't have to intermingle more than an hour a week. And I don't intend to go out at all until the next time we absolutely HAVE to.
    194 days ago
  • THOMS1
    It is a nightmare and I don't know what we are going to do about it. Gov Como has done a good job with New York and I think the rest of our country needs to follow suit emoticon
    194 days ago
    NC has just announced that we are staying in Phase 2 until Aug 3. Our numbers continue to rise daily. I wish people would stay at home!
    195 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    I just don't have any words that won't make me sad. This world is crumbling and I feel it's pressure. My hubby and I do what we can, follow the guidelines and stay away from people as much as possible. Wish the rest of the world would do the same. Sigh
    195 days ago
    OneKidsMom ... 3 Ws.
    195 days ago
    Yes, sobering news.
    195 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    I am with you, I do my best, but others are not. And I worry what our world will look like going forward. So many things to worry about, but I try to look at the good things that are in front of me each day and do what I can to make life better for those around me. I am thankful for every day I get and will count my blessings.
    Be safe. Enjoy your day!!
    195 days ago
    Enjoy your peaceful place and do the best you can. That's emoticon
    195 days ago
    There is a reason I don't read papers or watch the news at home. Here at Mom's its easily accessible with the TV and my Stepdad's newspaper. My Stepdad refuses to wear a mask as most older males seem to not bother. He still has to go for his coffee twice a day. When I went to get a blood test, the foreigners brought their whole family with their older adult to get a test and only the child wore a mask. My brother works in a very busy grocery store and said right from the start the foreign people always came with their whole families, no masks and no social distancing. In some cultures its the norm for families to do everything together as it is with indigenous people. As Saskatchewan is reopening with gatherings of 30 people now allowed we will see how that goes.
    195 days ago
    CBC's The Current interviewed some post-COVID patients this morning; two women who had fallen ill in March are still struggling to have a somewhat normal quality of life. One has had a relapse, the other mentioned that her exercise has been severely limited. She was extremely active before falling ill, now she manages at most 3 times up and down the stairs, if she tries for 4 times she spends the next couple of days on the couch or in bed. Physicians are trying to deal with the critical phase of the disease and now on top of that they have to learn about and deal with the chronic conditions of their patients.
    Here in Nova Scotia we have been told to expect random cases as part of our new normal, the same goes for the rest of our Atlantic bubble. Preparations are being made for the second wave and of course the issue of schools reopening in September tops that list.
    195 days ago
    It is unnerving how so many still aren't taking this seriously. I was already staying home with only a few careful exceptions, But, after an unfortunate incident on the bus and two weeks to go for my hip surgery, I'm not leaving my building. If I can't order it online, I don't need it.

    195 days ago
    Very worried about the pandemic feel we will never o back to how things were. We have abused this earth & we are suffering because of it.Just so worried I will never be able to see so many.

    195 days ago
    emoticon and cannot add a thing, except VOTE BLUE emoticon America...like all our lives depend upon it.

    At the very least we can start mending our fences with the rest of the world. For a pandemic world is especially lonely when we 'go it alone'...

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    195 days ago
    Oh, and as I sit enjoying the cool morning breeze, listening to and watching the birds, the birds are not the only things overhead. I saw a beautiful butterfly alight in one of our trees in the front yard this morning. And, I also saw military aircraft that are out of the ordinary. Troop movement suspected. Likely arriving to assist medical personnel and prepping the overflow hospitals for an anticipated surge.

    These troop movements are not speculation on my part. One of my nephews has been among these Marines supporting hospital personnel.
    195 days ago
    Could not have said it any better, lady!

    Last June I sought the feedback of a doctor outside our health insurer. He is in private practice and part of the medical faculty for UCSF Medical Center. I've followed the reports of a UCSF Physician that is among those coming to be called the 'long haulers'. Those that have been infected with covid-19 and are dealing with the effects that just don't seem to want to let go and continue to evolve.

    In a recent article the doctor that saw me last year has been sought out for his feedback regarding the covid019 situation. He is not only a Functional Medicine Doctor, he is an infectious disease specialist.

    What I have been contending with is VERY similar to what these 'long haulers' are describing. And, I feel for them ... deeply. If they ... like me ... are dealing with the not well understood ravages that viruses leave in their wakes ... they are in for a long haul indeed.

    Patience and living the best life we can. In the present. Ming mu. No regret. For, they may be faced, like me with an inability to restore previous function. Acceptance of what is ... needed in spades!

    195 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    emoticon emoticon over those who don't mask up, don't distance if necessary to leave home, and don't think of others. Seems there are a lot of selfish, egocentric folks in our world.

    There are several folks in our family, along with friends, on the medical front lines and as 'essential workers' on the side lines, who are enraged at the level of chaos that was preventable if handled differently at the outset.

    My brother, 74, was recently diagnosed with a large mass of colon cancer that appears to have not spread yet and his surgery has been bumped forward three times with the caveat 'if space available due to COVID needs' while empty beds are being held 'just in case.' His surgeon pushing to make this happen soon.

    Chaos growing over the constantly changing laws/rules/recommendations/orders being disputed between State and local government officials who are paddling water in the absence of National Guidelines and support.


    Cuddles with the furchildren still adored.

    195 days ago
    This is all very frustrating and a lot of stress for everyone, I see so many people not wearing masks in public, which means this thing will be around for awhile🤬 stay safe
    195 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    I have this feeling I want to increase my bubble but I hear the news and I know it is not time yet. We have never had anything like this happen to us and I for one will listen to the scientists and not the politicians. My home is safe and I plan to keep it that way.
    195 days ago
    It is a nightmare for sure, and although my US government bungled it badly (and continues to), the suffering is worldwide.
    My governor did an amazing job, and continues to, but still we have lost almost one thousand dear souls.
    We can only do the best we can for our small world.
    195 days ago
    Don't make todays choices be tomorrows regrets emoticon
    195 days ago
    Yes, sobering indeed.

    I'm glad Henry likes the veranda too!
    195 days ago
    Sobering news indeed. So much we know, and so much we don't know. We can only act on the things we know, and we can only control our personal behavior. Good to take note of the bits of joy in each day, while we're at it. emoticon

    Keep on "masking for a friend"! emoticon
    195 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Yes, so scary, and now lingering side effects. At least we can control our actions.
    Heard about the guy who said, “I think I made a mistake. I thought this was a hoax, but it’s not.”
    Those were the final words of a 30-year-old patient who died at a San Antonio, Texas, hospital this week after attending a so-called “COVID party.”
    So much of this is preventable.
    Stay safe my friend.
    195 days ago
    I understand the exhaustion of being in quarantine but if we don't ALL do it, we'll never get out. I am working in my basement, wearing my mask when I go out, I reek of hand sanitizer all the time and I am still trying to watch the birds and squirrels. It was nice to see nature have a reprieve for a little while when everyone was off the roads in the beginning of the pandemic.

    I just wish everyone would wash their hands and remember to be kind.
    195 days ago
    It is indeed sobering news. Brain, renal, cardiac, irreversible lung changes and this is just what we know about NOW. **SIGH** I just don’t understand why there are so many who are not taking it seriously. And according to leading experts, this is not even the 2nd wave. That is supposed to happen in flu season, which will REALLY confound things. **SIGH**

    Then add in opening schools. My district is devising a plan where children are rotated into the school building 3 days/week, and then 2 days/week homeschooling. **SIGH** NO mention of safety precautions. Teachers are retiring/quitting in droves. I DO NOT BLAME THEM!

    Just cannot do enough to be cautious.

    195 days ago
    ...and with so much conflicting activity! People going berserk over being asked to wear a mask! HUH?? That's just crazy! Ope the schools or don't get the federal funding...Yikes-what are you thinking?! I, too, fear for this world, but I can only do for one and can only be confident over one...well I can be cautious for my grandsons, too... Home-mask-distancing!!
    195 days ago
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