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Best Birthday Present Ever!!!

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Friday, July 17, 2020

This morning I weighed in at 169.8! WooHoo! I am officially in the 160's a weight I haven't seen since 1984!!!!

How do you celebrate something like this? Well today is my birthday and in keeping with medical guidelines - smaller groups, bigger spaces and shorter visits, there will be 7 of us family members gathering for a BBQ on the patio at home. This is the physically closest we have been in a group since April 7th.

This year I have been trying harder and have better weight loss results. I'll share what has worked for me.

1) I never gave up on myself. I have been battling my weight for decades and just keep trying. I may be the slowest loser, but I am not a quitter. I've always known I could do it.

2) I joined SparkPeople in 2008 and regardless of the numbers on the scale, I have stayed with it. It's been my community of like minded friends and cheerleaders.

3) I have been doing the 5% Challenges on SparkPeople since 2010. It's kept me going when there were many times I was tired, bored, apathetic, feeling defeated, exhausted and ready to give up. But my team was always there for me regardless of my ups and downs on the scale.

4) Nutrition tracking got easier this year! I recently discovered how to use the SparkPeople nutrition tracker on my phone. It's super easy to log your food. I can speak into the phone, no keying! I can quickly find the food because it seems to show the ones I commonly use! Also I can effortlessly log my meals with the barcode scanner (hold phone upright when scanning). Again no keying. If you haven't been using the free SparkPeople Tracker App, now is the time to get started. It's so easy, takes so little time, and you will have amazing results!

For years when I was nutrition tracking I only did it on my laptop. I didn't know how good the phone app was. I love that phone app!

5) My husband has been very supportive. He also joined the 5% Challenges, so we have a friendly rivalry. We both cook and he know my portion size and how to make tasty meals without a lot of unnecessary calories.

6) Started the Medical Weight Management program December 2018. Attended the classes, followed the doctor's orders and didn't quit!

7) Got a puppy that needs exercise.

8) I exercise daily. Today is 51 consecutive days of videochat & YouTube exercise! In the afternoon walking at the dog park.

9) I keep looking for news things to refresh my enthusiasm. I joined NOOM May 15th to help me get to the 160's. I started Geocaching for more exercise. I will be on the lookout again for something to get me to the 150's.

10) I am going to bed earlier so I can get more sleep.

11) I set the goal of being at my ideal weight before I have surgery in October. To be honest the doctor said I could extend the time if needed.

12) The last couple of years I am doing more of what makes me happy. For example if I want to do something fun, I can walk past a dusty living room and a dishwasher full of clean dishes and keep going, guilt free. The housework can wait. My puppy Rebel is an active dog so hiking is more important than housework.

12) I will be/stay happy if I am healthier, more fit and slimmer. I want to be physically confident to try new things like stand up paddle board and kayaking. I might not do these activities this year, but I will be ready for when it's opportune.

13) This has been a year of challenges and accomplishments. I look for the positives in my everyday living. I lost weight while cruising for a month! Who does that? I got a group of 7 together for daily video chats and youtube exercises. That makes us all winners.

14) I will not let things outside of my control change me in a negative way. I will choose what I do, how I feel, and will focus on my goals. I am coming out of this better than I went in. I will get through 2020 well prepared for 2021.

Thank you my Spark Friends who believe in me when I doubt myself. emoticon
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