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Saturday, August 01, 2020

well, if you read my last post, you know I was deceived by a failing scale battery which told me I was losing between 3 and 5 lbs / day. I also had completely lost my appetite for an entire week--so even after i changed the scale's battery, I was left with a 7 lb loss bringing me to 181. Then I started eating some more and yesterday weighed 182 (which i knew was likely fluid because i hadn't eaten enough to put on a pound. So today I emptied my bladder and undressed as I always do when I check my weight. And I was JUBILANT to see I now weigh 180!! My goal for July was either to get to 180 or into the 170's. So I kinda sorta met that goal.

The thing is...in calorie cycling you eat on the high end of the calorie allotment for 3 days and at the low end for 4 days. For me the high end was 1200 ish (a little less) and the low end was in the triple digits.(under 800 calories). I know Spark doesn't advocate that little but you have to realize that due to pain and disability, I am 99% sedentary. And eating 1200 or more calories just made it very difficult to lose weight. Now I think that after a week of eating between 100-500 calories a day, my body finally slowed its weight loss and slowed my metabolism. So when I ate 1050-1100 calories for two days, initially it showed a gain because my metabolism was still in its slowed mode. After 2 days of eating above 1000 calories, it jump-started and I lost those two pounds. The question is: for how long should I eat at this number? and can I regain enough mastery over my food desires to dip down again to triple digits of calories? Because if I can't, then the whole question is moot.

Sorry...most of this stuff is directed at myself..Musings and Cogitations. I will just do the best I can and play it by ear. Try things and see what works. I will probably go for another day or two between 1050-1200 calories and if I start to gain or stop losing, I will back down the amount of calories until, once again I can lose some.

But there is almost nothing better than to meet a goal--especially when you absolutely didn't think you would.
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