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A day in my life, the continuing saga of OJ looking at the future.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

I managed to get my first 1.5 mi walk in this morning before the rain hit. My status claims a lessened storm but we will still get quite a blow.

Sooooo, another exciting thing happened in OJ's world yesterday.
DH got a little over-productive, as in trying too hard to show he's still in shape.
I noticed the changes when I returned from the dentist. Peeps, I was gone from 8:20 to 10:20 and he was just getting up when I left and it takes him an hour to eat breakfast. Pool items were hiding. Where was my Adirondack chair? The grill was missing. The patio chairs and tables were in the sun room.
"They're in the shed" was the response.

The storm is coming.

As lunch time rolled around I found him wanting to empty the gas cans into his van to "refresh" the stored fuel. I held funnels and breathed in fumes while he unloaded 15 gallons of gas into his thirsty vehicle. I cleaned up and forced him to eat something. Suddenly he was sedentary with 5 empty gas containers languishing in his van in the heat. In the sun. I nagged him enough for 2 hours as his van would explode. He went for the gas. He placed the filled containers into the shed with the generators.

The storm is coming.

He decided he should back his van up, as he's done before, to block the wind from blowing the trash cans around. I'm always the person on the tarmac with the lighted red cones, the spotter, and I'm in the sunroom reading.

The storm is coming.

A very, very sheepish DH approached me and asked if I'd help him put the door back onto the shed as he'd attempted approaching the gateway without clearance. No spotter. The pilot went rogue. No problem, this is a resin shed, screws will fix it. As I scanned the scene of the crime, my eagle eye noted some details he'd missed. He had backed into the shed, pushing it against another object which caused the whole back wall of the shed to pop from it's moorings, lose a door and buckle on one side. What stopped it?
A utility trailer.
What stopped the utility trailer?
The four foot high air conditioner condenser.
Moved 8 inches off it's moorings and the connections stretched to juuuuust below breaking point. A slow motion disaster.

The storm is coming.
We got this, I tell the nice man trying to keep his composure as he's always right, you know, and now he's very, very VERY wrong.
Door was fixed by undoing hinges and realigning, no problem and nothing broken.
I got blocks of wood, put one under each end of the shed, raising it up and had him stand on the floor to drop it lower and popped all the 'tab A's" into 'slot B's' and all was right in shed world. He moved it back to it's original location...8 inches from where it has sat with about 600 pounds of stuff in it.
Utility trailer shifted back into original position. No damage.
I called SIL1, told him of the elderly driver disaster (no one's hurt!) and asked him to help push the condenser back onto it's mooring so it's balanced and stable. Sure, he'll be here after soccer is over.
I hear the sound of metal. A bit of pounding. A smiling man walks into the house and say's "call him back and tell him don't come. I moved it to where I want it without bending the pipes."

In his mind, I think, even though he was wrong, now he's right.


The air conditioning is still working.
The man got up this morning and went about his business like nothing happened.
I didn't think my hair could get any grayer.

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