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Packing and moving the folks

Friday, August 14, 2020

This last month has been interesting. Mom and Dad sold their home and finally found a new one. Now to pack all of their things! A big old farmhouse, a guest house, and a big old barn to move! lots of antiques and things Mom has collected for years that need to be moved with them so she can have a garage sale after she moves to the new house! Craziness abounds!

We have filled one pod, hopefully everything in the big house will fit into the other pod! We are all getting rather old to move all of this stuff! Hopefully we can sell a few more pieces of antique furniture quickly in the next 15 days! i cannot lift much as I have another hernia and I need to be careful. I do what I can, moving things that are not very heavy and will help with the cleaning. She has tons of bin lids but no bins! Trying to find lids for the bins she has, so we can use them.

Mom has had a couple meltdowns, but to be honest, she has really not gotten rid of much. The last meltdown was over scrap lumber she wanted to leave for the next owners. We told her no-it was scrap. We backed off a couple days, but she seems fine now and is working on packing up the big house. She won't stay in a hotel for the night and the closing and moving are the same day. I don't know how that is going to all work. They have to take up old carpet and put down new because of cat smell.

So my body is very sore, all of ours are. Hopefully this weekend we can get a really good start on the big house. My 400 lb nephew lives upstairs, We need to move him too as his mobility is limited. So much to take on-15 days to get it all done! Then a massage, reflexology, and some self care ( and probably helping out with a garage sale pretty quickly!). Come on mid Sept!!


After much prayer, the moving date was changed to Sept 21st! This is just what was needed! There was a glitch with the buyers, and they cannot sign the paperwork until that date. It bought us time! We took a couple days off, siblings worked on the barn getting rid of massive amounts of wood. We told Mom she could now have a garage sale, so she went into the pods and got glassware out and put it all out. We had the sale going for a few weeks, it finally closed last night, and we boxed up all that is left and that will go. I wondered if she would be able to let it go, but she has swung to the other side and is now worried that there is not enough room-so she is letting things go.

I have some time now to get my house back in order as I was over there most of the week for several weeks. My house is a wreck! Today was Chiropractor and errands. Tomorrow is cleaning and spending time with the DH. My brothers will be pulling up carpet in the new house, as the owner is letting us get in and do this early. I wish he was OK with moving some things in, but he hasn't approved that.
My siblings will be repacking the pods and we will be packing more in the house as time draws near. 2 more weeks - then I can relax, get a massage, and get some home improvements done I hope! Don't know when I will actually celebrate my birthday - we will see how moving them in goes!
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