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I am Close Enough to Dream

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Yes I have been gone from Spark People for some weeks. Not due to discouragement or failure but due to health. I was in a hospital bounced between two units like a ping pong ball as the staff tried to keep my two areas of need met and balanced. And then to top it off, my 4 month old hip dislocated again requiring yet another surgery. So that too, was a detour in my quest for health.

The good news is that I lost the five pounds I've been struggling with ...one more pound and I will be rockin' the 170's! I will dance for joy, hip or no hip. Anyway , I have been thinking about these last five pounds l lost. I don't think it had to do much with food choices...i basically had to eat what they brought me. I think it was a matter of portion control. I was not at all hungry most of the time so was eating very little. This often happens when pain is bad. And after the surgery when I was back on the floor I was originally admitted to, the doctor had me on some crazy diet: Heart Healthy (lo-fat,and sodium free) and carb and calorie counting. At first, it infuriated me. I am NOT diabetic and I am not enormously overweight and I would not order huge portions.

But then, I decided to beat the system ..to use it as a tool rather than getting frustrated by a stupid diet. I only ordered one or two small items per meal. They basically HAD to give me what I ordered since they couldn't take my only item away. And by so doing I was committed to a small portion.

Also - aside from an occasional 8 oz of ginger-ale- I was off of the diet soda. My father said that diet soda is a leading cause of belly fat. The jury is out on that one but i HAVE lost a visible amount in my abdomen - even with just losing 5 lbs. Maybe it's worth the effort. And that is really all it is. Effort and some "think-ahead. I need to keep myself stocked up with water and real iced tea. I've been making cold brewed iced tea with real loose tea in a pretty glass pitcher I recently bought. I have three cabinets of only teas. Time to use them! I can also make lemon water. Both of those items need me to prepare and filter enough water in the BRITA pitcher to make the tea. I would also like to make some fruit infused water. I will have to look for some good infuser fruits when I go shopping.

So because i really need to baby this new hip to prevent another dislocation, I need to take thought with every motion and watch out for low seats. I got my husband to bring up the commode because every sit and rise on the regular toilet made my hip VERY unhappy and i expected it to pop out each time. It is a relief not to have to worry about that

So that's my story. I am eager to get back "on the job" here at Spark...but honestly, it was good to break up my routine a bit and eat some different foods.
keep up the good work y'all.
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