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Saturday Salutations!! LOL

Saturday, September 05, 2020

What a emoticon day!! I went and got a haircut with DD14, my pic is below, shorter this time, more tapered around my face and stacked in the back a little for volume. I love it, and have an appointment for in two months to have it cut again, that is about how long it has been since my hair was last cut. With the supplements I'm taking, I need to have it cut more often as it grows more. I'm hoping that as I get my diet worked out and start getting more protein in (bariatric doctor told me that not getting enough protein will cause my hair not to grow back in or to fall out after gastric bypass) and getting all my vitamins. And I'm hoping that once I get my hormones right that will help with my hair growing back in as well. So hopefully it won't be so impossibly thin!! I love it this shorter length, off my neck! DD14's haircut is super short and cute!

I finished the first set of 5 dishcloths for my BFF C, they have a fun pattern on them. Next is plain red to match, another 5, so she will have 10 in all and then I may make 2 big ones for hand drying to go with them (almost finished them today, just have to do the topstitching!). Fun! Then I'll move on to making the ones for here. DH has already come and gotten some of my practice ones to use on his euphonium for shining it. The cotton and diaper cloth will be great for doing that without scratching it. I've got a bunch of fun patterned reds to make dishcloths with for home. I've got some cut into squares for dishcloths already, I'll make that many plain red ones as well, and then I've got two fun patterns for larger hand drying towels to put on the stove handle. That is what DH wants. Big hand towels. LOL. We'll be seeing MIL for Labor Day, so I'll give her the dishcloths I made for her then. I hope she likes them!!

For crochet I started working on a shawl in deep red, for me. I'm about out of yarn and it is a no spend month, so that will have to go on a back burner for now. I'll start on pumpkin hats for Oct/Nov, I've got enough orange yarn for two hats and hats are easy to make. Then I've got green for the leaves, but no brown for the stem... I do have some cotton yarn that is brown I think.. I'll have to see what I can rummage up! I found a great pattern for leggings with this awesome patterned yarn that is so going to be a project when I can buy the yarn!! I'm still working on the afghan for BFF C, going to be working on it for a while! LOL. It's going to take me some time to get it done. It is getting cumbersome to work on, but I still enjoy doing it because I know she is going to love it. I either watch something or listen to Audible while working on it.

I just finished listening to "Stop Saying You're Fine" by Mel Robbins. Great book! Definitely one I'll listen to again! I loved it! I'm still listening to Girl, Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis. I'll have to listen to that at home, something was wrong with the download on my phone. It only goes to chapter 6 and then stops. I'm listening to the last book in my After The Rift series - I'm on the edge of my seat! I listen to it in car line while I crochet to keep my hands busy, makes the time go by a lot faster!!

I have my first phone appointment with my Anxiety Coach/Mind Mentor next Thursday... I'm so excited! The first one is a free complimentary session (awesome, since it is a no-spend month!), one hour long. So I'm a little nervous that I'll love it and then not be able to afford it. I hope she is not too expensive!! I'm on her blog emailing list and on her FB group list as well. She is awesome! So she knows me a little and what I'm working on and doing as I'm pretty active on the FB group. I like to try to get the other people active too, which is one of the reasons I'm so active. I hope that is seeing me active and stepping out of my comfort zone, other people will too.

Speaking of stepping out of comfort zones! I really am trying! I'm working on sewing every day. I tell myself at least 20 minutes working on sewing stuff, and it sometimes turns into more than that, sometimes does not. Most often I'll get into sewing and feel great about it and start doing more than I had set my goals for. I started being more reasonable with my daily goals so that I can actually meet them, and then exceed them if I feel up to it. I'm getting up earlier, even on the weekends. Weekends I set my alarm for 0700, but if I get up earlier than that, then I go ahead and get up. It is nicer to wake up on your own than to an alarm. I'm going to start getting cardio in every day, either on the treadmill or out walking in the neighborhood, for at least 20 minutes as well. I'm going to aim for 30, but if I only feel up to the 20, that is okay. I'll stretch and then do my shoulder PT exercises as well. I picked up a light ball from Walmart today to do one of the exercises for my shoulder. It starts to ache by the last two, but that is good, the PT says. I want to actually lose this weight, so I need to get to work on doing the things that will get me there.

I'm also going to step up my self care. Something that the Anxiety Coach/Mind Mentor said on her FB page really got me thinking... "What would you do if there was no one to please?" And I think I'm doing good at starting to do those things, stepping out of my comfort zone, learning to sew, crocheting more... but I don't take as good a care of myself as I should, or rather, as I would like to. I'd like to start doing these self care things that I enjoy. Painting my nails at least once a week and keeping them looking fresh. Paper face masks, foot baths and scrubs, lotion, all that jazz... doing my makeup more. I had to stop the makeup because I could not get anything near my eyes for two weeks after my eye surgery, and that will happen again at the end of the month, but I can get back in the habit of wearing it now. I need to ask when I can wear eyeliner again at my post-op. I won't till after my next eye surgery. But I'd like to know so can for after my next eye is healed. I found a skin care routine that I like the looks of at Ulta... I don't know if it is worth it, I'm going to do my research. It is called Peach & Lily, Glass Skin. Need to look at reviews. I also discovered that I am not done with my teeth whitener as I thought I was, I'm only half done! Yay! I was thinking, this is a white as my teeth can get? Sad. Now I have two more little tubes to use to get my teeth whiter. Then next month I can get my next set and start over! emoticon

No spend/no snack September is going pretty good. I'm having a difficult time with eating right now for some reason. I get full feeling after just a few bites of food, so I put my food on the counter to try to eat later, I'll try to peck at it and eventually throw it away. I stopped doing that today and just stuck with meal times. I had a banana for 'dessert' for dinner today and was able to eat it. I was able to eat grapes yesterday, but was unable to eat much of the heavier meats and veggies. But I need to get my protein in. I have to make sure to get my protein shake in for my breakfast from now on. Otherwise I won't be getting enough protein at this rate! I can usually get most of the protein shake down, but with the way my stomach is acting, I wonder if I can. I think it is my hormones acting up, or maybe I'm dehydrated, I did drink a lot of tea the last week. One of the supplements that I need is found in green tea, so I've been brewing green tea, mixing in some honey and having it iced. Yum. Or making peach green iced tea. Even better. So maybe the caffeine has me dehydrated.

Well, time I should get in bed emoticon

Night, y'all!

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    Love the haircut!!!

    Good luck on the protein. Always looking for new ways to increase mine, too.

    HUGS and have a good week ahead.

    43 days ago
    Love the haircut! You look so pretty! emoticon

    43 days ago
  • LIS193
    Great haircut!
    I waited about 5 weeks after eye surgery before I wore eye makeup again and only used stuff that was easy to remove to avoid rubbing the eyes - no waterproof products as they are a pain to get off.
    Good luck with your phone appointment!
    43 days ago
  • no profile photo RACHNACH
    43 days ago
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