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Focus on the Future. Live in the Now

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Sunday, September 06, 2020

I set a lot of goals in my life, both personally and professionally. I like to keep busy and feel like I'm being helpful and contributing something of beauty to the world every day. I enjoy focusing and taking the logical steps that lead to success. I find it difficult to stop in the middle of a project because I don't want to lose my train of thought. I prefer to just keep going until I see it through to completion.

For example:

I'm "on a roll" moving my classroom content to Canvas, so I skip my afternoon walk & French study.

I'm "on a roll" with the French study, so I keep walking and skip cooking dinner (ordering expensive takeout instead.)

I'm "on a roll" painting the dining room, so I skip piano practice.

I'm "on a roll" with piano practice, so I don't spend time watching a movie with my family.

There have been times I literally stayed with a project into the middle of the night - or awakened in the middle of the night to return to it - because I was "on a roll."

There's nothing wrong with taking your job seriously or being goal-oriented, but sometimes I feel like I miss out on just "living." I don't like feeling like something is unfinished, and I can somehow finish it better if I don't take a break. So I don't take a break.

I once described myself to someone this way: Whatever I'm doing, wherever I am... that's where I want to be. I'm content with the goal before me at the moment.

As I pondered all of this today, I realized that personal goals are long-term objectives. (That probably shouldn't be a surprising realization to a teacher, but it was.) Goals can then be broken up into smaller, daily tasks that enable people like me to "live in the now" a little better. (I might even have to set a short daily task of "Relax and do nothing!" in the evenings.)

I think I will now wind down this blog entry, since the rest of my family is down at the dock as I write. My daughter is in for the long weekend, so all five of us are here. It would be a bit ironic if I were to miss out on the family fun time while writing about NOT missing out on life!

I hope you all have a lovely Labor Day weekend. Enjoy life and live in the now!
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