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Happy Labor Day/Coffee Protein Shake/Lost 1 Pound!!

Monday, September 07, 2020

emoticon It may only be a pound, but last month it took me the whole month to lose a pound!! So I'm super happy that I lost a pound last week!! I'm headed in the right direction! Yay!

Someone asked about my coffee protein shake, it is not something I make from scratch, it comes in a bag! I add almond milk (unsweetened, the coffee shake is sweet enough! Sometimes I get vanilla for extra flavor, sometimes unflavored), one scoop of protein powder, and a whole lot of ice! This makes it like a frap and here recently has made me very cold, since the mornings are not as hot any more! But I love it! Pic below, it is Protein One, Iced Coffee from Bariatricpal. Now, just because it is a bariatric shake, does not mean that you can't drink it, it just means that what is in it has more bioavailability. Has to in order to be readily absorbed by the shorter amount of time it is able to be absorbed. It has a lot of protein, and has vitamins (I should have taken a picture of the back) because it is a full meal replacement. It is one of the very few shakes that I actually like the flavor of. Most of them are sickly sweet, or just yucky. This one is actually yummy, has real espresso powder in it (yay caffeine!), and takes the place of one of my cups of coffee in the morning nowadays. It is still a bit sweeter than I like, but when I think about a real frap.. yeah, it's not too sweet. I think it is just the type of sweetener that is used in protein shakes and after a while you get used to it. Yum.

Had a good workout yesterday. I listened to my workout jam playlist instead of a book and really cranked it out. Then me and DD14 gave my dog a bath, lots of squats reaching down to get water and then straightening up to pour it on her. My legs are feeling it! I got ALL my shoulder exercises in. There are a lot! I'm going to ask my PT to narrow it down some if it is possible for days when I have less time. Most days I should be able to do all of them, but I know some days I won't.

Rise Conference, with Rachel Hollis is this month! I didn't know! If I did I would have bought tickets last month when I wasn't on a no spend month (if they had been available)! I'm sticking to my guns... sigh. I really want to attend though! It's on health and wellness too, which are big ones that I'm working on right now! And its Rachel Hollis, y'all! I'm not one to get starstruck or anything like that, I just think she is a neat person and has been through a lot and has good insight. I think she is a fun person too, I mean, there are dance breaks and a dance party after the conference (virtual, of course). Can't you just see me dancing my heart out in my little office? LOL, I would totally call my girls in to dance with me! Oh well, next time! I downloaded Quibi and got a free 14 day trial and am going to watch the Rachel Hollis Show until I am all caught up to present!! Or, at least, I'll watch what I have time to and can absorb, LOL!

So, while I'm thinking about health and wellness and power/speed walking when I'm stressy or anxious and possibly starting trying to jog/run soon... DH is getting stressy at work and pulling out his old pipe tobacco. I made him promise to go outside to do it. But then he is also looking into buying bikes for us to start biking to the park and biking around the park a few times to help us get in shape. So there is that. I guess it is all about balance. I think it is getting more stressful on everyone now. I think this virus and the restrictions has everyone on edge. I know that places that have more stern/severe restrictions have to really be feeling it.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Just got back from lunch at MIL's... she loves the dishcloths! Yay! I was sad I could not make the buttonholes on them, but, she still liked them!! I cleaned mine in oxyclean and it took all the grease and grime right off of them! I'm done with the dishcloths for my BFF as well, just putting them through the wash and then will iron them out. I'm also making her two big hand towels, one of the patterned fabric and one of the plain red, as a surprise.

emoticon Happy National Sewing Month!! Just found out that was what this month is! So, I'm going to aim to make more projects this month, if I can find the time!! I found a free pattern for a 'foot cosy'. Great for winter, and you measure it to your own feet, so I'm going to try that, I have some great soft, warm, plushy, fabrics that will be great for this, and I already have some stuffing, which will hopefully be enough. If not I'll take pictures of what I finish and wait till next month on the rest. Today I'm going to work on some fun cotton fabric masks with embellishments, just small ones. For fun. Because if I have to wear them all the time, why not make them a fashion statement as well? LOL! I've seen some that were just darling! As long as I can breath!!

I'm off to start sewing and hang out with my girls some! Hope you all are having a wonderful Labor Day as well!


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