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Sewing/PT/Busy Week Ahead

Sunday, September 13, 2020

I made these three dishcloths last night. One side a fun 100% cotton fabric, the other side birds eye diaper cloth. I already used some that I have made and had hanging on the stove handle, got grease splatter all over it, washed them with Oxyclean, and all the stains came right out! Even on the cotton side. Oxyclean is great stuff, I didn't even use that much of it! I have more red patterns to use, that will be fun for my dishcloths, then I'll make some larger hand towels, like what DH wants, to hang on the oven handle.

This is the mask I made yesterday. Fun colors! I'm going to try to make another one today. A mask a day till I have used all the fun fabrics I have that I am wanting to use. Or at least that is the goal. They don't take long to make, just 45 minutes or so, with the liner and everything (changing thread is more difficult right now till I can get some readers that work for me) so not that long at all. I know there are ones that take less time, but these fit better. And are for fun. Today I made another bee mask with little flowers sewed on the corners for my BFF's Mom. I hope she likes it!

I was so tired this last week, I did not get enough sleep at all, I did not have enough energy to work out. I was exhausted! And I didn't have time to take a nap, I was constantly on the go or only at home for a short time before having a phone call or having to go to car line, or any number of things! Yesterday between anxiety and exhaustion I decided I wasn't going anywhere. I stayed at home, took two short naps, and 'caught up' on sleep and had a relaxing day. I still did chores and such, but not in a rush, just as I could. I feel so much better today! I slept later than my usual for the weekend, I still woke up at 0438 thinking it was Monday and I had forgotten to set an alarm, and was so relieved to remember it was Sunday and I could just go back to sleep! I slept till a little after 8.

I've been crocheting in car line waiting on my DD12. I was working on a shawl, but ran out of yarn, so now I am working on some pumpkin hats with a little brown stem and some bright green leaves coming out of the top. So cute! Something I found on Pinterest. Adorbs!! I'll post pictures when I'm done. Still working on the afghan for my friend, that one is going to take a while. Had to take a break from it as it hurts my shoulder to move it around and my shoulder is really aggravated right now. Gotta wait till it is feeling a little better to get back to doing that in the evenings.

Busy week ahead and the weather is supposed to be getting cooler. By next week it is supposed to be getting in the 50's at night!! Looking forward to it! I wanted to see my friend D this week, but I have an appointment every day this week and on the one day I know she won't be working, I have a solid day booked. Next week is my left eye surgery, yay! Can't wait to have it over with! This will be great! At the end of a month's time I'll get to order some prescription readers and be all set for that. This week I'm hoping to pick up some over the counter readers for my right eye and that way I'll be able to see to sew and such after my left eye surgery. Need to be able to read and sew!!

Well, it's been a long and relaxing Sunday, I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week ahead of you!!


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