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Loss and Life

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Hi all!

Although I haven't been blogging, I do try to keep up with friends' blogs as much as I can, and I've been logging my exercise and fitness pretty consistently. Here's a quick update:


In June, my beloved father-in-law passed away from pneumonia. He was in the hospital for only a few days, and it happened to be during a time of few area COVID cases so that we were all allowed to be with him at the hospital on the day he died. My son was driving from Indiana and didn't make it in time, but the rest of the family did and it was a great blessing. I was honored to perform the graveside service--he was truly another father to me and is greatly missed. He was the last of our parents and his passing has brought, in addition to grief, quite a bit of stress into my husband's life. Although he was 89, my FIL was still farming, and there is a lot to deal with now.

Our children are doing well, although daughter Juliana is back to teaching and is home now awaiting the results of a COVID test. We're hoping and praying that she just has a cold with a sore throat.


As a pastor in an area where COVID has not been hugely prevalent, it is a struggle to deal with conflicting opinions about how things should be handled. There are members of my congregation who won't attend because masks are required as people enter and exit, and those who won't attend because they don't feel comfortable being around people who aren't taking precautions. In some ways, it's a lose-lose situation. I am blessed that most are being kind and respectful of others--I continue to preach that our path is to show love and care for those around us. I hate, hate, hate, that this issue, like so many others, has been politicized.

My seminary classes begin again this week, and I am feeling my usual beginning-of-the-semester panic. I always question how I will possibly manage to get everything done and ask myself why I thought pursuing an advanced degree was a good idea at my age!


Rick and I been working like crazy on our garden. We are completing the fence that encircled three sides of the farmhouse. My grandparents must have decided to cut expenses by using livestock fencing in the back, assuming that it wouldn't be seen by anyone but family! It's taken us a couple of years to track down vintage woven wire fencing to match the rest, and installing it has proved to be a huge challenge. Rick is very gifted at figuring out things like this, or it would never have gotten done. I am creating a 100+ foot garden border along the fence, starting this fall with moving a long row of peonies that were planted by my grandma, probably 70 years ago. It's a huge undertaking.


In January, I was up 17 pounds from my Spark goal weight. Absolutely unacceptable! I have been working to bring my weight back down into my goal range before my hip replacement surgery in November. It is going quite slowly, especially since my exercise options are pretty limited due to hip pain. I have managed to lose 8 pounds and hope to keep the momentum going!

Dear SparkFriends, these are very trying times, but I pray that all of you are well and safe and finding joy in the small and beautiful blessings of life.

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