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This is how we go when we go like this - weaving edition

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Lots of pictures here because I finally remembered to take photos of each step as I set up the next projects on the loom yesterday and today.

This is the warp (lengthwise threads) already measured and cut, ready to start. Shhhh. It's resting.

Here the warp threads are through the slots in the reed. This keeps the threads in proper order as well as being the equipment that pushes the weft (crosswise threads) back to the fabric as one weaves.

All the warp threads have been threaded through an eye in the middle of the heddles (strings). At this point everything always looks a mess and like it will never amount to anything!

The next step is to tie the ends of the threads that are through the heddles on the beam; sometimes called back beam but properly called the warp beam as this is where the warp lives until it is woven.

The warp is now very nicely wound on the warp beam. The papers and venetian blinds are between the layers so nothing gets tangled.

Now to the front of the loom and the opposite end of all those threads. In groups, they are tied in knots and lashed to the bar at the front of the loom, attached to the cloth beam (where the woven fabric lives until all the warp is woven).

More bits of venetian blinds here to measure the length for fringe at the end of the scarf. The blinds pull out so nicely that I stopped using cut up sheets.

The actual start of weaving - Yippee!

A close-up of the fabric. It is an interesting yarn I found at a second hand shop. There was enough that I could make the warp for the two scarves from the plain yarn but the wefts are an ombre that goes through the tan color as well as a rose and a not-quite-blue-not-quite-green color. So each scarf will have these fairly large squares of color and not color across the length.

I needed a quick-to-weave project as the loom house closes on 31 October and right now I have three other looms to weave off and finish by close; one loom must be empty by 24 September which I did not even touch today. This barn frame loom is the one talked about on the recording in the loom house so I really do not like having it empty.
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