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I won the Trifecta, cardiology visit

Thursday, September 24, 2020

The long and short of it is I look freakin' healthy, act like I'm freakin' healthy but apparently I am not.
Today's visit and discussion of my 2 week monitor was led with "I can put you in the hospital or we can try this..." which is exactly what he said last time we met. I opted for trying "this" although we both know I'm going in for "THAT" by Christmas.

The terms my buddy of 30 years dictated in a letter to my primary were; Sick Sinus Syndrome, Pacemaker and ablation. Funny my ECG today in the office was perfectly normal.

All these mean there are electrical shorts in my cardiac wiring. I've watched my HR be 38 for a half hour then shoot to 120 all the while I've been sitting in the same chair reading. I have no chest pain but sometimes there's a school of fish fighting for one piece of bread under my sternum . Sometimes I'm winded walking from the kitchen to the front door and sometimes I can lightly jog up my street and nothing, really nothing, happens except my knees complain.

He is also content with my cooperation. I get to drive to see the rocket launch next week (guess I kept that from you guys...more to follow) then the day I get back I change my medications. There's a good chance my HR will become too slow and there's an opportunity for me to conk out. That means I have to be careful for a few weeks and I won't be driving. I can go to the gym. I can take my walks...don't expect DH to come with me although he'll offer to drive next to me...as long as I determine I'm safe.

Then ANOTHER (cr@p) two week monitor in November to see if anything improved. He's doubtful but at least I know that if he is placating me I'm not at death's door!

Nope, getting older is not for sissies.

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