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The Swastika

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Friday, September 25, 2020

On 9/19/2020, I wrote a blog about respect in politics. Unfortunately, our town of Hillsboro, NH is experiencing some very divisive times. Someone or a group of people are trying to intimidate my friend Marjorie Porter into leaving her position of State Representative. They have defaced her signs, even putting a swastika on one. It is never okay to use a sign of hatred and violence to deface a political sign. Never. This is not the time to be quiet about it either!
Originally, the swastika, a cross with each leg bent at a 90-degree angle, is an important symbol in both ancient and modern religions. It indicates, among other things, good luck, the infinity of creation, and the unconquered, revolving sun. The Nazi party and white supremacists have used this once innocent symbol of good luck to cover their hate-filled racist intentions. My friend is planning on leaving politics because she fears what might happen next.
The local police are treating the incidents as hate crimes.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sorry about this! Thanks for letting us know. emoticon emoticon
    3 days ago
    What is sad is that people like your friend leaving her position, is exactly what the current President wants. Fear is used more and more in how he operates. What ever happened to the laws in our country? Or do they only apply to certain people. This is very disheartening.
    24 days ago
    I’m sorry that your friend is being treated so badly. I certainly understand why it is making her consider her political future.
    24 days ago
    I hope your friend stays in, though I could understand why she would leave. It comes from the top ('stand by') which will hopefully be flushed away.
    26 days ago
    Unacceptable ! A shame your friend feels intimidated but I totally get it. BTWay, I do not know of a single democrat who is a nazi...
    29 days ago
    Political signs in our city here in WI are being defaced or stolen. I have a niece an nephew attending a college in a large city and they have both said they will be coming home the week of the elections because they are afraid of rioting - no matter who wins. What planet are we on?
    30 days ago
    It is very sad what is going on! The media has a lot of responsibility to broadcast the truth but they chose to give in to the left. The Democrats a desperate to win, I can't believe some of the things they have done or incited by not condemning what is going on.

    Tell your friend not to give it! We need people like her to stay in office and serve her community.
    30 days ago
    30 days ago
    People have been stealing and defacing signs here too. Very divisive times. My SIL ran for office 4 years ago, and I could not believe the harassment and hatred she faced. (she is not of the same political party as I am, but I respect her views and opinions)
    30 days ago
    I am so sorry. I can understand why your friend would want to give up politics, but it sounds like she's the kind of person that is really needed in government service today. I hope she won't let the haters drive her away.

    30 days ago
    I hope your friend reconsiders about getting out of politics, we need more women in our government.
    Our country is at a cross roads. We have never given any money to political races, this one is different.
    I have never put a sign out in our yard, but this year is different. We can not be silent and sit on the sidelines hoping some one else will speak up. We have a Biden Sign in our yard and purchased extra's for neighbors and friends who want to show their support. I pray that God will see us through these dark times.

    I will keep Marjorie in my prayers. Tell her to hang in there. emoticon
    30 days ago
    I'm sorry she feels she has to be run out of office because of fear.
    I will not be silent. I will not stop protesting.
    I have been fighting one battle or another since the 60's.
    This is one of the most diversative times in our modern history.
    There is but one choice to retain out democracy and not lets the racist, white nationalist, get out and vote.
    Just as the stupid people put the wrong person in office they can get them out.
    Don't be afraid. That plays into their hands.
    30 days ago
    I'm so sorry to hear this. My husband was worried about us putting up a sign for Biden/Harris because he thought our house would be targeted, and he didn't want anything to happen to our kids if they are home alone. This is the first year I have lived through where a difference in opinion may lead to retribution with more than words.
    30 days ago
    The first time in my LONG life that I've been afraid to state my thoughts because I'm truly afraid of retribution, if not to me, then someone I love. I'm so sad that it's gotten to this. I'm reminded of the fact that for evil to win, good men say nothing. It only makes me feel more confused and worse. The only thing I can do is exercise my vote, and stay away from dangerous people so I live through it.
    30 days ago
    It's not just NH, but the whole USA (maybe the whole world) is out of line with the hate and disrespect for each other. I feel badly that she feels the need to leave politics because of this, it is exactly what these people want..to drive people out of places of influence so they can imbed their hate filled ideology.

    30 days ago
  • UPTOIT59
    This is horrible as is the usage of the a-ok symbol as a sign of a white supremacy group! I wish your friend safety!
    30 days ago
    So unfortunate that this has happened.
    30 days ago
    Truely frightening times. I think it reflects on many parents wanting to be their child(ren)'s friend rather than a parent. Instilling respect for others begins with the setting of appropriate behavioral boundaries. So sad to see what this country is coming to......
    30 days ago
    Hate is rampant all over the world now. So very sad that some think they should have more freedoms and rights than others
    30 days ago
    How sad

    31 days ago
    How sad. We need to be praying for our country. I hope they are able to arrest the culprits and punish them.These are terrorists that have infiltrated our country and need to be removed.

    Praying for our country.


    31 days ago
    What a heartbreaking story! I am praying now.
    31 days ago
  • DBEAU57
    It's a disgrace to see what is happening to our once beautiful country. As a child, I stood up in class with all my friends with our hands over our hearts and said the Pledge of Allegiance. We were so proud of our country! Patriotism used to be a virtue. Now it's criticized and laughed at. God help us!
    31 days ago
    Its so sad to see what is happening in our country sending emoticon
    31 days ago
    It is terrible when someone in government has to leave because of fearing for their lives because theirpolitical party beliefs. I wish that she would reconsider. They are just trying to scare her.
    31 days ago
    It is terrible that she feels the need to leave because of threats. If you don't like a candidate you vote them out. You do not bully, threaten or harm them!

    Everyone has the right to express their opinion. - this can be done without the negativity that is so common
    in today's politics. Hate only breeds hate.

    31 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    31 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    The painted form indicates an organized group, not a pray-paint kids prank.
    31 days ago
  • no profile photo GRAMPIAN
    31 days ago
    I'm so sorry emoticon
    31 days ago
  • NIGHTOWL16144
    It makes me so sad that these hateful people are getting what they want by chasing a good woman out of politics. That said, I can certainly understand her unwillingness to give her life up to try to make changes in this America. As for the poster who thinks this was done by someone who didn't know any better: WAKE UP! Making excuses for this kind of behavior is only adding to the problem. emoticon
    31 days ago
  • MAWMAW101
    We only read of the bad and judging from comments here we have many more good people in our world who really do care for one another.
    We just need to stick together to make a change. emoticon
    31 days ago
    Very frightening times
    31 days ago
  • no profile photo RACHNACH
    31 days ago
    Thank you for speaking out. I wish the people who do these things could hear your message. For a nation that has prided herself on being civilized it is especially shameful that the political divisions have become so wide and so violent.
    31 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    Unfortunately, this sort of thing is happening everywhere. Probably some young person that doesn't even know what the swastika stands for. So sad, our society seems to be going down the toilet and very hard to look forward to the future.
    31 days ago
    So sad to hear about your friend in the midst of her trying to be strong and do good. I hope she has the strength to continue to do good. The world needs people like you and her.
    31 days ago
    America has fallen into disrepair.
    31 days ago
    There is way too much hate in our country now - so sorry for your friend!
    31 days ago
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. So many people have spoken encouraging words during this time of nastiness. We will get through it with the help of our friends! emoticon
    31 days ago
  • LIS193
    31 days ago
    I hope she doesn't let the haters win.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    32 days ago
  • no profile photo LAH1222
    How sad! There is so much hate all around our country.
    32 days ago
    32 days ago
    It was also a cross to the last Russian czar's family.
    32 days ago
    How sad that some people can be so full of hate that they have to intimidate others. I hope they are caught and made to pay for their racist attitudes and crimes.
    32 days ago
  • JAMER123
    These are troubling times. A family in a northern Mpls. suburb, had Trump signs on their 2 trucks. Someone came by, slurred their garage and fire bombed the vehicles and motorhome as well as the garage. The family heard the explosion and was able to get out of the house with 2 very little kids and 4 new puppies. It was a major fire. So much hate to burn others homes and property.
    32 days ago
    32 days ago
    So sad. Im very sorry that your friend is giving up on her community service.

    It is so unfortunate that we have powerful people who fail to value ALL of humanity and excoriate those with whom they disagree. Their example allows others with similar mindsets to behave just as irrationally.

    "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." --- ML King, Jr
    32 days ago
  • KAYDE53
    That’s terrible, soon we’re not going to be able to find good people to run because of the constant bullying and threats. It’s all very sad,
    32 days ago
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