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Lost a Pound!! / Routines

Friday, September 25, 2020

emoticon I lost another pound!! I have been on a plateau (of my own doing, I realized) for the longest, and I finally started losing weight! I lost 1 pound last month, just one for the whole month, and you know what? I was ecstatic! Because it meant I was breaking that plateau! The past two weeks I have lost a pound a week, and today I was just curious so I stepped on the scale, middle of the day and I'm down to 202!! So close to One-derland!! I'm so excited and pumped up! I did this after I had been on the treadmill for 17 minutes, I didn't want to do too much at a time after my eye surgery, so I'm going to try for 15 more minutes later today if I can. Just to keep my body moving. I have to move slowly, compared to how I normally walk, but at least it is movement. This makes for a total of 8 pounds lost since I reset my weight from a few months ago when I decided to start trying to lose the weight seriously again.

emoticon Just 1 1/2 more weeks till I can start exercising 'vigorously' again and starting my running training again. I also found a bunch of hip opening stretches and standing core work and other exercises on Pinterest that I had started that I really liked and can't wait to get back to doing those again. I also found a couch to 5K that I can work on for my running that takes a little longer than your usual and comes with a strength training program, and has set days for strength training and running, because you need both. I like that.

emoticon I've cut way back on my caffeine intake and am drinking more water. I realized that more and more of my drinks were caffeinated and that is not good. I was having a harder and harder time getting my full water in, and that hasn't been a problem for me in years! So, I cut my morning coffee down to one cup and cut out most other drinks except for green tea and an occasional afternoon cup with DH on the front porch.

emoticon Starting tomorrow, I am changing my entire morning routine! I am going to start getting up and drinking a glass of cold water first thing, then go get on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes, then come up to my office and stretch (after the 1 1/2 week is over I'll be doing strength training before I stretch). During the week I'll then take the kids to school, and afterwards come home and take a shower and get ready for the day. Then I'll do what I normally do first thing in the morning now, which is to read my Bible and journal and and do SP, as I have time. I think I'll like getting that done first thing in the morning, and having my coffee while the kids are getting ready, a lot better. I think it will wake me up better and be a better way to start my day, with movement instead of being sluggish and sitting in a chair sipping coffee. I had this idea a week ago, but then realized I'd be having eye surgery and not be able to work out for a few days, so it would be silly to change it, then not be able to work out. So I waited till now.

I also seemed to have waited till now on my daily shake. I just can't seem to get it in unless I've worked out. And if I have that 2nd cup of coffee, I don't want my shake, as it is coffee flavored. But when I work out, I can tell my body is craving protein and I need that shake. I've been having an egg or two and a tomato or other veg till now. Now that I'm cutting back on my coffee and upping my water I started today on having my shake and it was so nice and filling and I didn't feel as hungry throughout the day. And it seemed easier to drink just my water, though that could just be a mindset thing. I'm determined to do things that are better for my body and mind and that is fueling the decisions that I make throughout the day.

I'm trying to get my nightly routine back as well. I had one, or the start of one, going before this whole mess started back at the beginning of the year, but then 2020 happened, lol. I'm working right now on just putting my computer on sleep mode, setting out my clothes for the next day, brushing my teeth, washing my face, and writing in my journal. I'm hoping that I'll get this face routine that I have decided I want, I think it will probably be a Christmas gift, and will make it part of my before bed and morning routine as well.

I think the words from the speakers of the Rise conference are really sinking in. I'm trying to find ways to fuel my body with food that nourish it. I'm trying to fit in body movement into every day. Waking up early, even on Fall break, but going to bed at a decent hour so I get plenty of sleep. I've had a nagging toothache that I went ahead and got seen for (thankfully it is just a sensitive tooth that I need to keep an eye on and use special toothpaste, whew!). I'm back to whitening my teeth because it makes me feel good to have whiter teeth. I'm changing, or creating routines that work for me. I'm hoping that I can do these things to create ways of life that are simpler and easier for me, and help me be healthier in mind and body.

So, this Sunday, I'm going to have DH take a picture of me and I'm going to weigh and take measurements and we'll see where I'm at. But no matter where I'm at, I'll be proud of how far I've come!

Hope you all have had a wonderful TGIF and have a GREAT weekend!!


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