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One-derland, We Meet Again!!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

emoticon 199!!! That is what the scale read this morning! Three pounds since last I weighed! I"m so excited and happy! I had forgotten my readers and could not read where the scale was at, I knew it was under 200 because I had to move the bottom weight from 200 to 150 weight, but I wanted to know exactly where I was at. My DD12 happened to just be getting in from taking out the dogs, so I called her over and had her read where it was at... just under 199!! Last time I weighed was midday, right after a workout... so not an accurate reading at all! But I was curious because I felt a curve to my side that had not been there before.

The skin routine that I found that I wanted for my face, I finally looked up the price. Ouch. Nope. Not worth it. Google to the rescue! I found a much better priced one from Avon, then discovered it was even nicer priced if I went through a representative, so I signed up. Never thought I would buy Avon products! But it also seems to be the only place you can buy Skin So Soft products. Like from the 80's. Wow. Cool. Don't know if there are any Avon fans on here reading this, but if there are, tell me your favorite skin care products! I just put some in my cart that sounded like what I'm wanting. I want a face wash/cleanser, toner pads (could not find a regular toner, but with that you use cotton balls, so this works), a day cream and a night cream. Normally I would buy an eye cream, but I still have plenty of Murad eye cream and I love the stuff! I was going to buy all Murad since I love their eye cream.. Wowzer is it expensive! Oh well. Avon it is. Much nice price tag. Hopefully it will work as nicely. I'll be getting that at the end of the week and hopefully their shipping doesn't take too long.

emoticon Thundery here. May have to make some hot tea and go out and watch the storm. Feels wonderful outside, not too cold or muggy, feels refreshing! Or it could just be the mood I'm in emoticon

I overslept, so didn't work out this morning, going to work out here in a few, but tomorrow I'm back to getting up at my usual time, even though it is Fall break for the kiddos, I don't want to mess up my internal clock and not get up on time and then have a hard time with getting up when break is over! I let the kids have the first two days (Thursday and Friday) completely off. I didn't ask them to do more than the normal every day chores, nada, even though I had planned on it. I figured, let them rest. Saturday we had planning meeting early (after 1100) and I let them know that the weekend was going to be more cleaning I wanted to get more done. I've gotten quite a bit done, but am having quite a hard time getting them away from electronic devices (and whining) to get things done. I'm not asking a lot, LOL. Oh well, it will get done, whining or no. The house is looking so much better already! Yesterday me and DD12 put up a bunch of decorations in her room, lights and ivy and paintings, and it looks like something out of a fantasy magazine. Absolutely wonderful! 12 year old me would have loved it, and DD12 does too!! We put her curtains up last weekend because she finally got her room clean. DD14 is working on her room this weekend. Yay!

DH worked on my computer last night and this morning, I have a laptop. And he decided that come next year I am getting a desktop computer that he is going to put together, so that he can modify and update as he needs to. I'm so excited! I'll have more memory, more everything! Eeek!

My night time routine is really coming together! I can't wait to get the face wash/toner/creams so I can add them. I have a basic face wash that I use, that I'm going to start using before bed, I don't have any toner, but I do have a face cream that I use every day, and I'll make it a point to make sure to use it before bed and after my showers in the mornings or after workouts. I want to really start taking better care of myself. Because if I don't at 40, what on Earth is 60 going to look like!? Better to start these routines now so that I take good care of myself. Keep working out, lose the weight, get and stay flexible and in shape.

Better be off, lots to do!



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