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Sept 27th--Brrrr!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

As the month draws to a close it seems Winter is chasing Autumn rapidly . Our winds came up coolish then turned blustery , clouds rolled in and temps dropped! Just got the first freeze warning flashing across my screen. My whole being is screaming NO!!! tis too early ,wait a while. Yet it is dark by 7ish..when DLS rolls back it will be dark by 5!! ahh not my favorite season but indeed one we need. The earth must rest and renew just as we need to. I am mixed between hoping for lots of snow and dreading the thought of lots of snow. Either way..we do what we must to keep plodding on.
Seems like another day that we dashed into town early with sunshine and bright skies!
Ahh the Ravens were upset! I have taken to closing the big doors on the hen house and they will not drop to the ground to go thru the smaller lower chicken door! So we got the eggs today!
Heckle and Jekyll were out there calling from tree top to tree top letting me know how very upset they were with it all! Too bad there ...when you were feeding young it was a different story..now..nah there are toads and bugs and other type food sources, no more shopping at Katies Egg House! Then Madison called and asked me if the Ravens would come thru smaller chicken doors, I guess they just moved across the pasture to her place. Gene reminded me that the other day I did say...ya'al just go on over to Madisons!! Whoops!
So she is going to be out there building chickie doors to try and keep her eggs from what Gene calls my pet Ravens!!
Spoiler Alert...Cheri ..snake story coming up!!

Tammy sent me a pic of a tiny lil young Bull Snake this PM. I guess Gene was out for a walk and the lil guy couldn't get out of his way cause he had a big tummy, must have just munched a mouse! Then Gene brings it in to their house. Tammy is doing dishes and he tells her look what I found! She almost jumped on top of the counter!! then she started laughing, lil guy was like 8 inches long and big around as your forefinger..except for that big tummy!
Must have been Gene's day for finding critters. He went out to check the propane tank. For those that have not seen one..it has a big dome lid on it that the guage and lines are inside of. You lift the lid to check your volume percentage. So he lifts that lid and under it is a tiny lil mouse nest with a cute lil guy in it that jumps and runs as soon as it looks up and sees Gene!
Gene said he jumped back a bit as he was startled never expected a nest in that place! Makes me think they are really getting ready for Winter if they are nesting in cozy spots like that!!
Yeah I am kinda stuck on it being cold..just too early. Seems I don't love the snow and do mind the cold more than I used to. If I can stay in and just look out at the pretty snow that would be ok..but life goes on and things must be done. Thank heavens for our lovely wood stove! I do enjoy it!
ahh rambling on...time to close down and perhaps read a bit...Good night all..stay warm and stay safe!!
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