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Got An Award At Work

Friday, October 02, 2020

On Monday, I got an email from the head honcho at our court; she asked me to see her in her office. I immediately feared for my job security, but she ended up giving me an award for my work performance this past quarter!!! :') I was among a group of staff members who were nominated by our supervisors for superior work performance. I got a bunch of emails from coworkers congratulating me, including 2 judges!! My boss said she appreciated my training new staff, and how I did a good job with the special project she gave me. I will be getting either a cash award or time off award, and I'll find out which one and how much tonight when I get paid. My award certificate even has the Department of Justice seal on it!. :) I might frame it! I thank God, and hope this will help me clinch my last GS promotion at the end of this month.

That said, I have stopped eating dinner at my elderly parents' apartment after work, because I take the bus (sadly, parking is no longer free in my work building), and I don't want to potentially expose them to COVID.

Unfortunately, the new owner of my parents' apartment complex is kicking everyone out, so they can remodel the whole place. I'm really glad I moved out at the time I did! I would hate to be stuck in a new yearlong rental lease with my parents! All this time, their current apartment complex was charging the tenants below market rate rent, and I worry about how they're going to get approved for and afford their own place (they are in a 2 bedroom apartment right now, because I used to live with them). I did tell them I can't cosign for them, because if they don't pay, and my credit gets ruined, I could lose my job, and they said okay. I'm not financially secure enough to give them money right now, and I prefer not to do so anyway, because I don't want them to become dependent on me, and the whole point of moving out was so I wouldn't have to mix finances with them. My sister is better off than I am, but I know it's not my place to ask her to give money to our parents. I just wish I didn't always have to worry about my parents. Oh well.

I finally went to a beauty salon today to get my eyebrows, upper lip, and sideburns waxed!!! It's been half a year!!! I feel so much better, and confident again!!

I've been doing very well! Next week, I'm scheduled to get a cortisone shot. I'm having second thoughts, because there's always a small chance that I could get a stroke, heart attack, paralysis, or even die! My shoulder pain has decreased, so I need to decide if the benefits are worth the risk.

I've been thinking about how life is so short. When I'm on my deathbed, I don't think I'll care about how much money I accumulated...I just hope I can look back on my life, and realize that I was true to myself.
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